Miko + Mollie open a bricks and mortar store in Port Adelaide

Home to premium designer brands such as Sass & Bide, Camilla and Thurley, Adelaide’s favourite online fashion destination Miko + Mollie have set up shop down in Port Adelaide. Since launching in 2016, the brand has been hugely successful, filling a niche gap within Adelaide’s fashion industry. We caught up with the woman behind the brand Courtney Rogers to talk about fashion, her latest business venture and dream jobs.

Were your ambitions always to work in fashion? 

I always loved fashion from a very young age. My earliest dreams were to be a fashion designer but my very practical 11-year-old self worried about working and working and never making it because it’s such a competitive industry (yes, I was a strange child.) So I decided to be a lawyer and that way I would be able to afford all of the glorious fashion I loved so dearly. But the funny thing is, if you’re meant for something, life will lead you there eventually and I couldn’t be happier with the path my life has taken.

How did you first get into opening an online store?

I’m a dreamer. Unashamedly. I dream big and I’m not afraid to have a go. So one day back in around August/September 2016 I decided this was something I wanted to do. I started firing off emails to some of my favourite brands to see if they were interested in going into business with me. The response I had was phenomenal and it just spurred me on.

I launched mikoandmollie.com in October 2016 and four weeks later Sass & Bide came on board. Since then, my brand mix has just grown and grown and I could not be prouder of the range we stock or the relationships I have with all of my suppliers. We’re all about supporting the incredible design talent we have in Australia, showcasing them to the world and making women feel great about themselves with everything, from their new outfit to the way we provided it to them. So many of our customers become our friends and it’s just such a beautiful community to be a part of. I’m so grateful for it every day.

 How would you summarise Miko + Mollie?

Aesthetically, Miko + Mollie is unique, bold, unashamed of who it is and celebratory of all the beauty that surrounds it!

Philosophically, Miko + Mollie has a purpose so much bigger than bringing the best in Australian designer fashion to the world, we inspire our customers with our bold styling and try to have a positive impact on their days. We’re a store of women standing here with and for other women. Fashion is a powerful art. For some people this is how we express ourselves and how we motivate ourselves. It’s something that gives us joy, and that’s what life is about. We’re so privileged at Miko + Mollie to work among the incredible design talents of Australia and to give women that little extra something that they need when the going is tough, and even when it’s not. To help them live their best lives through all of these moments.

What made you open a bricks and mortar store? 

Bricks and mortar was always going to happen. I love design, I love creating things, and to see such an incredible space come to life through our vision and hard work is just jaw dropping. We hope everyone loves the shopping experience we’ve created for them. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into that store. Every single detail from the lighting, to the fitting room doors, was carefully selected by us to create the impact and environment it has. We wanted somewhere inspiring for our staff to work and for our customers to visit. We want our staff to love coming to work! Because we love our staff and our customers get the best experience when our staff love their jobs.

And why in Port Adelaide?

I am so in love with the Port. What a phenomenal place steeped in history and beautiful buildings, incredible eateries and places to drink – I could get lost down here for a whole day just exploring or enjoying life with my friends and family. And with such a rich arts culture already, fashion was the obvious next step!

The Port is a mecca for creatives and people with incredible visions, passion and real soul. You can taste it in the food, you can see it in the produce in the local area…and you can feel it in the life and soul of the community. Every single one of the publicans, restaurateurs and traders down here are in love with what they do, doing incredible things and helping each other along the way. The kindness amongst people down here is awe-inspiring. This is humanity at its best and who wouldn’t want to be a part of a community like that?

What’s your favourite part about what you do?

Being inspired every single day. Waking up and knowing that what I do makes a difference to people around me (and across the globe). Being able to reach tens of thousands of women every day and show them support, kindness and inspiration. To bring them together as a community and show them that perfect strangers care, and support them, is one of the greatest gifts you can give another human being. How many people get to do that every day? I literally pinch myself. It’s the best “job” in the world!

Miko + Mollie are launching their brand new store this Saturday, August 11. For all the details and to RSVP, see the Facebook event here.

228 St Vincent Street Port Adelaide





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