MET Gala After Party Wrap-Up

MET Beyonce & Solange

While you were all sleeping like chumps, the MET Gala after-party was underway in New York City. The Weeknd had a party, Balmain had a party, Naomi Campbell had a party. But never fear we stayed up all night (we did not) and scoured the internet like a squirrel foraging for nuts to bring you the best gossip, weirdest hook-ups and most heart-warming feels from it all.

Siblings are clearly trending right now. From Beyoncé and Solange to the Haim sisters to that ever present Kardashian clan. Despite arriving separately, Beyoncé and Solange cuddled up for photographers, putting to bed any rumours of a rift between them and looking much chummier than that 2014 elevator incident. The Haim ladies looked super cute in matching outfits and spent most of the night perfecting the sister selfie and Kimmy K and Kylie Jenner totally pashed (well, almost).

MET Kylie Kim Kiss
MET Haim

Also arriving separately but getting super cosy were Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. Confirming once and for all (at least in the eyes of the press), that they are indeed dating. This comes after a string of public appearances, including being spotted at Disneyland (quite possibly the greatest date ever) and holding hands in Hawaii.

MET Lady Gaga

Speaking of making out, Lady Gaga got freaky (no surprise) and engaged in some harmless tongue biting with fellow party goers. They looked to be enjoying it. And while we’re on the subject of freaks, Kanye got super high as evidenced by his extremely dilated pupils. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume it was a natural high coming off the back of winning best dressed couple with our gal Kim.

MET Kanye

Nas also looked super bad-ass, smoking a big ol’ cigar for the majority of the night, without ever having to step outside. Ah, the life of a celebrity rapper.


And finally Cindy Crawford proved she is an alien by looking entirely age-less and incredibly flawless despite her fifty years spent on our human earth. All in all, it appears a fun night was had by all.

MET Cindy Crawford

All images shot by Rebecca Smeyne for the New York Times.

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