Meet the Maker: Solomon Street

After finishing her graphic design degree, 25-year-old Lauren Crago was working as a barista and feeling uninspired about her own work. But then came the idea for Solomon Street, an eco-friendly, bio-degradable textiles and stationary brand, which is looking to help change the world one unique textile at a time.

The designer says that she has always been passionate about how to be eco-friendly and being kinder to the earth. Tie this in with her strong work ethic and dreams of running a business and we have the start of Solomon Street the brand. The name is inspired by the actual Solomon Street in the Adelaide CBD, where her previous work place, Fairweather, resides and where she conjured up the idea of starting the business.

“We want our growth to touch as many people as possible,” Lauren says in regards to her constant passion towards helping other causes around the world, which is currently in the works.

“Every single thing that we do, the environment is always there,” she continues. “We’re not just a label, there’s a greater purpose to what we do and so much we want to achieve than just make a profit.”

Lauren is currently working hard to make Solomon Street a completely zero-waste brand and they’re well on the way with all current packaging being bio-degradable, even down to the sticky-tape. Everything they sell or use can either be recycled or is bio-degradable.

Solomon Street currently stocks note books, prints, cushions, tea-towels and a range of clothing all printed with their unique nature and botanical prints, all of which Lauren has designed herself.

For the designer, the unique Solomon Street designs are about her love for finding the beauty in everyday items usually taken for granted. Take for example the fruit designs, which comes from her love for cooking and her family as well as memories of picking fresh figs with her mother.

As for what’s next on the cards for Solomon Street, Lauren has big plans for her special textiles, with appearances at upcoming markets like Finders Keepers interstate, an amazing summer collection launching later this year and even talks of a brick and mortar retail space.

Currently you can find Solomon Street at Gilles at the Grounds, Adelaide Remakery and of course you can find their full range online here.




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