Meet The Model: Jessica Newman

Fresh face, Jessica Newman, is naturally flawless. Her beautifully freckly face sets her apart, and with green eyes and auburn hair we think she’s one to watch. Jess is currently completing Year Nine at school, and despite her modelling gig, she admits she’s very typical of a girl her age and loves to play sports, hang out at the beach and attend church.

CLIQUE Mag chats with Jess about how she was scouted by Finesse Models and her modelling dreams.

How were you scouted as a model at Finesse Models?
I was walking through Westfield Marion with my mum and sister when Brigette (Agent) came up to us. She introduced herself and asked if I’d be interested in modelling and from there I went to a couple of courses and the rest is history.

Who is your biggest inspiration in the modelling world?
Adriana Lima. She is such an inspiration to me because not only is she dedicated to modelling but her family too. I love how she puts such an emphasis on being fit and healthy to keep in shape. I think it’s so important to be healthy.

How would you describe your style in three words?
Edgy. Casual. Comfortable.

What is your beauty/health regime that keeps you model-ready?
To maintain my body and health I eat a balanced diet and engage in physical activity to maintain my shape. I love sport so I like to start my day off by going for a run as it really awakens and refreshes me. I also play a lot of sport and go to kick-boxing classes with my sister. I find having someone to workout with not only keeps me accountable but makes it so much more fun.

To keep my face looking fresh, I put sunscreen and moisturiser on every day. I also try to wear minimal make-up to prevent break outs and keep my skin healthy.

Is there a particular designer that you dream of modelling for?
I absolutely love Jean Paul Gaultier, I love how daring and adventurous he is in his designs. His clothing is super edgy and different, and really helps you make a statement. Modelling his collection would be a dream come true.

What is your favourite aspect of modelling?
I find modelling really gives me an extra boost of confidence. I used to hate certain features and aspects of myself that I now love. I’ve learnt to appreciate myself and the things that make me different on a whole new level, and I owe that all to modelling. Modelling makes you feel special and beautiful and I really love that. I think it’s so important for everyone to love themselves and be confident in their own skin.

Do you have any tips for CLIQUE Mag readers hoping to break into the modelling industry?
If you want to be a model I’d say just go for it and try to get your face out there. What’s the worst that can happen? You may get rejected but if you keep trying you never know what will happen. I also think it’s really important when you are looking for an agent, to find an agent who is reputable and who you like. I think part of why I enjoy modelling is because I’m with Finesse and they look after, mentor and support their models which I think is really important at a young age.

Photography by Simon Cecere.




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