Meet Frank Body’s latest Shimmer Lip Scrub

From small start up to one of the world’s biggest beauty brands, Frank Body is definitely one of our favourite homegrown beauty names. Apart from their aesthetically pleasing packaging and feeds, the products simply work – which is really all we’re asking for when it comes to skincare. And their latest venture, the Shimmer Lip Scrub and Lip GlossĀ is set to blow your mind.

Featuring their world famous glow dust – which is also completely natural and biodegradable by the way – the duo are a highly anticipated follow up to their viral Shimmer Scrub. This latest lip version features all your natural goodies like sugar and salt plus Vitamin E and grapeseed oil for buttery soft lips. Then the Shimmer Lip Gloss serves as glitzy lip after care but can also be used a nice little non-sticky, glowing addition on top of a pop of lip colour or even multi-use beauty product as a highlighter.

Their Shimmer Body Scrub sparked a waitlist of 90,000 people around the world. Crazy! And based on what we know about their loyal fan base – which includes us – we’re sure this one is already pre-sold out somehow.

The Shimmer Lip Duo are already available to those who have registered for Frank’s brand new loyalty club, Hotel Pink and the duo officially launches worldwide tomorrow, May 29.




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