Makeup Mishaps – Common Beauty Mistakes

The idea of getting things right in the world of beauty can be pretty daunting, with thousands of new trends and products arising every year, which means new things you can mess up! But don’t fret, here at CLIQUE Mag we’ve found five of the most common makeup mishaps AND easy ways to fix them, which will save you time, money and looking like a hot mess when you leave the house!

Pumping mascara
While you may think that vigorously pumping your mascara will get those last bits of product out, you’re actually just pumping air into the tube, which dries out the mascara, resulting in clumpy eyelashes (ew…) When your mascara gets to this point it means it’s time to splurge and buy a new one, trust us, your eyelashes will thank you!

Matching foundation on the back of your hand
This age-old trick is possibly the biggest lie to ever come out of the makeup industry, and it’s a surefire way to kiss goodbye to your hard earned cash! By matching foundation to the skin on the back of your hand, you’re not getting an accurate colour match. This means that you’ll get home and apply a shade that is either too dark or too light, and probably be incredibly disappointed! Solve this beauty blunder by picking up a sample of the foundation from your local beauty counter (this way you can test it out at home), or by testing the foundation straight on your face (obviously on bare skin, not on top of more foundation).

Not washing makeup brushes
Cosmetic cleanliness is basically the most important thing since showering (not really, but you get the idea), because dirty makeup brushes are a playground for harmful bacteria and germs to flourish, which will cause you to break out, or even get sick. Clean makeup brushes will also give a much nicer finish, which means your makeup will look flawless, not to mention your skin will thank you!

Aim to clean your liquid/cream brushes weekly, your eye brushes twice a month and your other powder brushes at least once every month for optimal hygiene.

Curling lashes with mascara on
Basically, there’s no point paying for mascara and a eyelash curler if you’ve got no eyelashes to begin with. This will definitely be the case if you curl your lashes with mascara on because your mascara-clad lashes will stick to the curler and be pulled out or snapped (insert crying emoji here). Combat this cosmetic disaster by curling your lashes before applying mascara, which will result in gorgeous, un-snapped lashes every day!

Keeping makeup too long
This one is a hard one because makeup is so damn expensive, but trust us, out-of-date makeup can cause some serious harm to your skin and body, especially eye makeup. Makeup that is out of date is just harbouring bacteria, microbes and other nasties that will wreak havoc on your precious skin, which kind of defeats the purpose of makeup, right? Here’s the lowdown on expiration dates:

– Mascara/eyeliners (liquid,pencil and gel): 4– 6 months

– Foundation and concealers (excluding powder foundation): 6 months to 1 year

– Powder products: 2–3 years

– Lip products: 2–3 years

Do you have any beauty blunders or cosmetic crimes that you commit? Share your tips and tricks with us on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #jointheclique or tagging us @cliquemagau.




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