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A health and wellbeing queen, absolute goal-kicker and one of our gorgeous 2017 CLIQUE Fit ambassadors, it’s no secret why we are a little bit obsessed with Tahlia Pretty. An Adelaide gal whose life mission is to empower women to make their soul-shine daily, Tahlia is revolutionising the way that we approach our overall health.

This year, the absolute girl boss has transformed her fan favourite Soulshine workshops into a eagerly awaited retreat experience. Promising fitness, art, yoga, food, growth and Tahlia’s special touch, it’s no wonder all four of the previous retreats sold out in a flash.

We caught up with Tahlia ahead of her first summer retreat to talk all things soul shine.

Thanks so much for chatting with us! First off, what does making your soul shine mean to you?

I believe that we are all souls living within a body – making our soul shine means making US shine! This means making yourself feel fabulous from the inside – out.

My urge to create this experience came from knowing how many women truly are not loving a life that makes their soul-shine. I have seen many clients caught up in the unfortunate societal norms of body hatred, self-loathing, anxiety, depression and other bodily disease and not knowing a way out. With knowledge from study and my personal experience, my job has become one of teaching women to fall in love with their body and life again.  

This is the path that lead me to become an award winning personal trainer in 2015 as someone changing everyday people’s lives. When I see the transition occur from a client that doesn’t love their body or life – to literally getting excited to get out of bed in the morning and welcome the day. Their happiness not only ripples from themselves into me, but into everyone they meet.

My mission is so simple – to teach women to make their soul-shine daily and this is exactly what happens on retreat.

The Soulshine Retreats have been a huge success, what inspired you to evolve the workshops into a full retreat experience?

After every Soulshine Workshop (a three-hour experience), everyone shared this “I don’t want to leave this” feeling! The experience was so beautiful, people left feeling inspired, with new friendships evolving rapidly, but we lacked time to take it to the next step. I had so much more to offer and they kept asking for more, which is why I created the Soulshine program – a three-day/ two-night experience that truly does leave your soul shining!

What can women expect when they attend a Soulshine Retreat?

A life changing experience that will re-energise your spirit, enhance your mind and connect you back to living a life that makes your soul-shine.

There is a range of fitness on offer from a yoga restorative, yin and yang practice, boxing, circuit workouts, walks and hikes. Women come with varying fitness levels and find there is always something they can do, with most women taking part in every session.

As a qualified visual art teacher, I also run a art therapy and there is a range of vision and goals coaching that helps attendees to clarify their goals as well as how to get there with grace and ease. We have a women’s circle, special ceremonies and eat only the best, most nutritious food!

No alcohol, but Saturday night MOJO Kombucha is always a hit! The view from each of the retreat locations are just divine, so taking time out for yourself to soak up the scenery is a must.

Each of the retreats that we’ve seen so far have been held amongst varying (yet always beautiful) scenery, how do you select the location for each Soulshine Retreat?

I used to always want to live away from Adelaide, and after years of travel I thought to myself, “how do I bring this feeling of holiday home with me into my everyday life?” With this thought in mind, I began to see the beauty in this state that we live in. Adventuring most weekends down the coast to do what makes my soul-shine inspired me to share this feeling with others and show them that the feeling of “holiday” can be created in any moment – all they need are the tools and techniques of how to do this, which is what I share on retreat.

The locations [that] I have selected are very special to me. They are places that have inspired me to be my best, to know that I can achieve my wildest dreams, and that I can teach others to do the same.

Finally, what are the ways that you make your own soul shine each day?

When I first wrote my Soulshine list, I found it hard [and] I couldn’t think of anything but exercise that made me happy. I practiced and practiced and now my list extends off the page.

Here are my Top 10 right now.

1. Bath with Epsom salts, MGLife Magnesium Oil and lavender oil
2. Reading a book
3. Playing with my dog
4. Making an at-home facial
5. Cooking a meal for my family and sitting to share it
6. Painting / art therapy mandalas
7. Journaling gratitude to start my day and “cleanse and clear” before bed
8. Taking my shoes off and walking in the water at the beach or hiking with my dad
9. Drinking a cup of tea start to finish!
10. Taking photographs

The next Soulshine Retreat runs from December 1 to December 3 in Waitpinga, South Australia.


WHERE? Kings Head Retreat, Lot 60, Dump Road, Waitpinga
WHEN? 01 DEC 2017 – 03 DEC 2017
TICKETS: $550 + bf – Available here.

Tahlia Pretty




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