LUSH Naked Shower Gel

Pioneers in the ethical beauty world, LUSH cosmetics continue to push the boundaries of the zero waste movement. The UK based team have done it again, this time inviting you to get naked with an innovative twist on the classic shower gel.

Introducing Naked Shower Gels, the new product set to revolutionise the way we approach our shower routines. A must-have for all LUSH lovers and waste-conscious washers, the range work exactly like their bottled counterparts without the contribution to landfill. Enjoy the same indulgent lather without the guilt.

All of the scents you know and love without the pesky packaging, the new Naked Shower Gel range blurs the lines between liquid and bar products. Don’t fret, the package-free product doesn’t compromise on scent and the new-look gels share most of the same ingredients as their packaged versions.

Better yet, the Naked Shower Gel launch coincides with this year’s early-release Christmas collection. Shop all your faves from Snow Fairy and Rose Jam to Twilight without the waste for a very merry Christmas indeed.

Selling over 5 million bottles of shower gel in 2016, it’s no wonder that LUSH have decided to ditch the bottle. Taking responsibility for the cosmetic company’s contribution to waste, the new move is a big step in reducing their plastic footprint.

You don’t have to be living a 100% package free lifestyle to do your bit. If even half of LUSH customers traded in the bottled gels for the naked range that would see 2.5 million bottles saved from waste alone.