LUSH Launches Transgender Visibility Campaign

LUSH Cosmetics, one of our all-time favourites are back at it with yet another good cause. On November 13, LUSH launched their national Transgender Visibility campaign, a 7-day operation in hopes of raising $25,000 for organisations fighting for transgender support and rights in Australia. LUSH has released a limited-edition product and 100 percent of the sales will be going directly to Minus18 and Transcend, two incredible organisations supporting the transgender movement.

The Inner Truth Bath Melt will be available for a limited time nationwide and will be complimented by shop windows displaying the campaign, #TransRightsNow. In support, LUSH is distributing over 14,500 resource booklets called ‘How to be a trans ally’, which will be available in store or via their website.

Bear Kruz, Head of Innovation & Development at Minus18 said, “Trans and Gender Diverse youth exist, their identity is valid, and we 100% stand with them. We’re on the ground across the nation, championing Trans and Gender diverse youth through events, workshops, campaigns and resources.”

“This campaign together with LUSH, sparks a conversation between the Trans community and the broader public on who Trans People are and what challenges they may face today.”

To show your support, shop the Inner Truth Bath Melt, here. You can also download the ‘How to be a trans ally’ Booklet, here.

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