Look after your body and mind at The Sanctuary Festival

Umbrella: Winter City Sounds is back for another year, spreading music to every corner of Adelaide from Friday July 14 to Monday July 30. And while it’s looking like a great lineup, with over 300 live music events, we’ve got our sights set on the closing one.

The Sanctuary Festival is a place to immerse yourself in music, yoga and good vibrations. The theme for the sanctuary is fire and air with a tribal element, which will come alive through music, dance and yoga. The festival will showcase a few local musicians, including 8-piece African soul band, The Dashumi Ensemble, as well as James Byrne playing the Didgeridoo.

One of the event’s hosts, Skye Lockwood, says the festival will focus on mindfulness and the calming through music and yoga in the hopes to bring light to the issue of mental health within the entertainment industry.

“Mental health is widely focused around movement and calming of the mind,” Skye says. “Yoga especially focuses around movement and meditation,” she adds.

Aside from yoga, there will also be various stalls set up, including Chatime, Supertreats, henna tattoos and an astrologist. Along with a chill out zone with organic vegan wine, and who can refuse an offer like that?

The festival is shaping up to be a great way to make Adelaide vibrant throughout the colder months. “It’s bringing winter alive in Adelaide, letting go of the focus on Mad March,” Skye says. “It’s getting people off the couch and into music venues and seeing local live music,” Skye says.

The Sanctuary Festival is the perfect way to unwind after a long week, sit back and enjoy a wine, some yoga and good music.

The festival will be taking place on the Sunday, July 30 from 3pm to 10pm in the Robinson Heritage Warehouse on Halifax Street.

You can purchase tickets here and remember to bring your own yoga mat!

The Dashumi Ensemble




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