Local legend Luke Million added to SLICE & DICE line up

Not that we weren’t already excited enough for SLICE & DICE this weekend, now Alpha Box & Dice and Pizzateca have announced that international DJ and local legend, Luke Million will be joining the lineup as a special guest headline act.

Million – or Luke Godson IRL – has just come off a national tour with the guys from Client Liaison and a string of US dates with Hayden James. He makes a special stop at Pizzateca this Saturday before gearing up for his appearance at Splendour in the Grass in July and his return to New York.

You may know him best for his song ‘Arnold’ or as the world knows him for his 80s synth take of the ‘Stranger Things’ theme.

He joins the Pizzateca party lineup of DJs D-Luxe and Driller, while AB&D will feature cover band The Uptown Seeds (a mix of Jimmy & the Mirrors and Cosmo Thundercats) performing “hits, more hits and nothing but the hits” plus local DJs from YEWTH Mag.

AND as if that wasn’t enough, the site formerly known as Superfish will be opening their doors for a special ‘Best End’ afterparty as well.

Need we say more?

Get our low down on SLICE & DICE here. Oh, and buy your tickets here.




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