Levitating Gin Cocktails at Electra House

Feel like drinking from a floating glass? You can!

Celebrating all things ‘ginnovation’ (gin and innovation!) at Electra House with the inaugural Bombay Sapphire Glasshouse Project.

The project, created by Owner and Operator of Electra House, Chad Hanson calls upon bartenders across Australia to unlock their creativity and challenge themselves to invent a concept that could give them the chance to win a $20,000 Bombay Sapphire Creator Grant.

Chad’s idea launched at Adelaide’s own Electra House in a world-first using quantum levitation with Bombay Sapphire where we see bartenders focusing on themes such as sustainability, liquid, design and overall experience.

“Growing up watching old western’s, there was one scene repeated in a number of movies that has always stuck in my mind, and that’s the classic ‘sliding glass of brown liquor down a bar’ scene.

“I was looking to bring that concept into the 21st century, the idea is to recreate that classic bar slide by levitating the glass from one end of the bar to another, which has never been done before here in Adelaide, let alone, Australia or the rest of the world!” says Chad.

Electra House held a launch of the Sapphire Serve on February 18 and has made a variety of signature Bombay Sapphire cocktails available to patrons for a limited time only.

Enjoy your floating gin!





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