Levi’s Presents: Runaway Weekend

Levi’s Presents is 5-week program of free music from up and coming local acts every Saturday from 2:30pm at the Rundle Mall store. Levi’s have always supported and nurtured up and coming musical talent, most recently with the launch of The Levi’s Music Prize, the biggest music prize in Australian history, helping emerging Australian artists to get a leg up on the local and international stage.

Runaway Weekend are back in town in time to show off their wares this Saturday as part of the Levi’s Presents Series. The band hail from a wide spectrum of musical backgrounds, from metal to musical theatre; they use this to their advantage to blend cinematic sounds and to create a beautiful wall of sound. With a new album just around the corner, they have spent 2017 expanding their sound and refining their craft. This South Australian band is one to keep an eye out for, and we caught up with them to have a chat.

Are you looking forward to performing in the heart of the CBD for the Levi’s Presents Series?
Definitely, we’re all stoked to be a part of something fresh in the Adelaide music scene. Lots of sick bands are playing in the series and it’s really cool to be listed amongst them.
So you guys have been together since 2015, what have been some of your best memories so far?
I think the greatest memories we have, are from our headline tour last year. A lot of driving around the country in a cramped car and living off of KFC for a couple weeks. We actually drove an hour out of our way to get KFC once. You get to meet a lot of cool people when you tour and it’s really cool to get feedback for music you’ve spent several months making.
How would you describe your sound?
Very cinematic and dramatic. A wall of sound. Though we don’t box ourselves, our new stuff is going to open up a lot more dynamically.
Is there a story behind how your name, Runaway Weekend, came about?
To be honest we just cycled through song names until something clicked. We thought “The Runaways” was sick but obviously that was taken (Joan Jett etc) so we just threw an extra word on the end.
You all come from such different musical backgrounds – from metal to musical theatre. How did Runaway Weekend first form?
Danny knew everyone except Kyle for a couple of years before the band started, though he came across Kyle via a cover he had put up on YouTube and got in contact through some mutual friends.
What are your plans for the coming months?
We’re working on a new CD, taking our time to explore new sounds and experiment a little bit with our writing. There’s a little bit of touring penciled in for early next year too. We’ll see where our new music takes us!
Runaway Weekend are playing live this Saturday from 2.30pm at Levi’s, 76 Rundle Mall, Adelaide.




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