Levi’s Presents: Neon Tetra

Image by Jack Fenby / @fenj_

Levi’s Presents is 5-week program of free music from up and coming local acts every Saturday from 2:30pm at the Rundle Mall store. Levi’s have always supported and nurtured up and coming musical talent, most recently with the launch of The Levi’s Music Prize, the biggest music prize in Australian history, helping emerging Australian artists to get a leg up on the local and international stage.

Adelaide four piece collective, Neon Tetra have had a huge 2017 after releasing new music and touring the country. They have just released their latest single, ‘Run from the Ruins’ which has Tame Impala vibes mixed with a serious summery feel. The party doesn’t stop for them there, the year is coming to an end but they have shows lined up left right and centre. Taking their inspiration from bands like LCD Sound System and early Daft Punk, they are definitely one’s to keep an ear out for. We sat down with the guys behind the music before their Levi’s Presents gig this Saturday.

You’ll be performing this Saturday as part of the Levi’s Presents series in the heart of Rundle Mall, are you looking forward to it?

Absolutely, we’re always super excited to play. Levi’s has been supporting and styling live music for a minute or two, so it was a real surprise when they wanted to dress Neon Tetra and let us jam out in their store.

You have had such a busy 2017 with a number of single releases and tours, can you tell us about some of your highlights?

Supporting Miami Horror earlier in the year is a memory we all keep. Fat Controller really looked out for our fans and us that night, which made our first big guest support pretty special. Touring and working on projects with other local artists has been a big reward for us. It’s led to our mate Hebe Sayce being a finalist in the SA Music Awards for her cover art.

Congratulations on the Rolling Stones feature and the on air time on Triple J! How does it feel?

Thank you! It’s a great feeling to have your music enjoyed by any audience. On this scale the difference is a feeling of mass acceptance for something you’re putting a lot of soul into. We still have heaps more to come and it’s all evolving really fast.

How did Neon Tetra first form?

The current line up met at university last year. This was after some previous member swaps and name changes. Oscar came to play drums after Miss Fellows stopped gigging and has brought a lot of funk and groove elements to the music.

You guys have a tour coming up early next year across Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. What are you most looking forward to about that?

Mary’s Chicken, Newtown. Oh boy!

What can people expect from your live shows?

Big groove energies from the rhythm section, space age synth rock and sweet vocal tones. Music to get down to.

Neon Tetra are playing live this Saturday from 2.30pm at Levi’s, 76 Rundle Mall, Adelaide.





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