Levi’s Presents: Jimmy Mountain

Levi’s Presents is 5-week program of free music from up and coming local acts every Saturday from 2:30pm at the Rundle Mall store. Levi’s have always supported and nurtured up and coming musical talent, most recently with the launch of The Levi’s Music Prize, the biggest music prize in Australian history, helping emerging Australian artists to get a leg up on the local and international stage.

Four piece South Australian roots and folk outfit, Jimmy Mountain are a band capturing people’s attention. With a raw desert edge, haunting vocals, and emotional lyricism, they are a captivating live act. Music is in their genes and they will be the first instalment of Levi’s Presents Series in the Rundle Mall store, performing on Saturday 21st of October. Ahead of their upcoming show, we caught up with the guys behind the music.

How did Jimmy Mountain form?

In the worlds before Monkey, primal chaos reigned.

Heaven sought order.

But the Phoenix can fly only when its feathers are grown.

The four worlds formed again and yet again,

As endless eons wheeled and passed.

Time and the pure essences of Heaven,

the moisture of the Earth,

the powers of the sun and the moon

All worked upon a certain rock, old as creation.

And it became magically fertile.

That first egg was named “Thought”.

Tathagata Buddha, the Father Buddha, said,

“With our thoughts, we make the world.”

Elemental forces caused the egg to hatch.

From it then came Jimmy Mountain!

You’ve had a pretty incredible year touring through festivals, what have been some of your highlights?

Definitely the Nimbin Roots Festival! There are some loose cats in that town. Right on Jimmy’s level! Also the Semaphore Music Festival A great little festival on the foreshore. Sunny days and lots of Jimmy’s friend’s and fam to chill with…

You describe your sound as having a desert edge, tell us more about that?

Our songs are raw and swing from one extreme to another. They can be dark and lonely or intense and in your face… Like the desert, no?

What’s in store for the rest of the year?

Us in-store at Levi’s!  Sorry, that was wide open. We’re going play a few more shows locally but really we want to get into the studio and record more. We’ve got so many songs we want to get out there, so that’s our main focus for now.

What are you guys listening to at the moment?

We played with William Crighton at Semaphore, his latest record is really cool! We also really love the new National record.

Jimmy Mountain are playing live tomorrow from 2.30pm at Levi’s, 76 Rundle Mall, Adelaide.





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