Levi’s Presents: Donnarumma

Levi’s Presents is 5-week program of free music from up and coming local acts every Friday night at the Rundle Mall store. Levi’s have always supported and nurtured up and coming musical talent, most recently with the launch of The Levi’s Music Prize, the biggest music prize in Australian history, helping emerging Australian artists to get a leg up on the local and international stage.

Good news, guys. We’ve found the perfect pre-festival gig to set your Friday night up right. Adelaide-born three-piece collective, Donnarumma, know how to get the party started. Their unique rock ‘n roll sound can go from turning it right up to eleven right through to bringing grown men to tears at the drop of a hat. Donnarumma are ones to watch, and you can catch them this Friday night at Levi’s in Rundle Mall. We caught up with them for a chat before their performance.

You guys are born and bred in Adelaide, so playing in the heart of the city in Rundle Mall among all the festival madness must be an absolutely awesome opportunity. What are you most looking forward to?

We’re so looking forward to being loud and crazy and seeing people’s reactions walking past. I envision a grandma waltzing by to be completely shocked and frightened.

How would you describe your sound?

Very Buckley inspired rock n roll. Leaps in dynamics. Anthemic. Music that brings grown men to tears.

What can audiences expect from your gig this Friday night?

A loud and obnoxious set.

And Louis – the band is named after you?

Yeah it is, I started off doing solo folk stuff as a kid under ‘Louis Donnarumma’ which eventually moves into heavier stuff, so I searched for some band mates. I couldn’t think of a good band name and so I just took out my first name.

Where did your passion for music come from?

I think the passion was there from the get go. It kind of just happened. I was always singing in the house as a little kid, writing lyrics that make no sense, but it all started becoming real as a teenager. I wasn’t really great at anything else, so I stuck by it.

What’s next for Donnarumma?

Weeeeeell, we have an exciting single coming out next week. PLUS some amazing festival gigs like the Adelaide 500 and Blenheim Camping Festival.

Donnarumma are playing live tonight, Friday February 23 at Levi’s, 76 Rundle Mall, Adelaide.





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