Let’s Celebrate FruChoc’s Appreciation Day

As if there isn’t enough of a reason to love Friday’s already, tomorrow is FruChocs Appreciation Day. Yes, that is right – A full day in Rundle Mall celebrating 70 years of our favourite SA snack!

Fruchocs Festivities’ will start from 10am all the way through to 6pm, where we can enjoy all activities including; selfies with Mr FruChoc, a new mural helping us to immerse ourselves in a 3D FruChoc World, FruChocs Malls Balls, FruChoc biscuit giveaways, lots of prizes and the launch of the limited- edition BruChoc.

What is this, you may ask? Adelaide’s Big Shed Brewing Concern have launched a special limited- edition beer to commemorate the day.

FruChocs doesn’t disappoint us with all their new flavours, which you can appreciate with us tomorrow. We all love the traditional milk chocolate version, but tomorrow gives us an opportunity to enjoy dark or white chocolate, strawberry flavoured, a vegan specialty or the newly launched dark chocolate coated cherry version.

Don’t forget to head down to the mall this Friday, enjoy the activities and eat all the FruChocs in the world!

FruChocs Appreciation Day festivities are on from 10am-6pm in Rundle this Friday, August 23.

robernmenz.com.au | facebook.com/menzfruchocs

For details of where to purchase BruChoc beer, visit Big Shed Brewing Concern’s Facebook page




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