Laneway Festival announces set times

It’s the last week of January (how?) and that means Laneway Festival 2018 is just around the corner. This morning they’ve done us a huge favour by releasing set times so we can get our schedules in order.

Like every other year – it’s inevitable guys – that one act you want to see will clash with another. It’s life, it’s fate, and sometimes it feels like the universe is out to get you. Like if you were looking to see both Anderson .Paak and Father John Misty, well, you’re going to have to pick.

And sometimes, it’s the logistic from getting from one stage to another – is it worth the walk? Or do you hang in the vicinity after Client Liaison, skip Anderson .Paak and make sure your in a good position for Bonobo?

Whatever your poison is, at least you can now decide with 10 days to make some tweaks to your own personalised schedule.

See set times for Adelaide below.

Tickets still available here.




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