Ladies In Street Art

Lisa King

Adelaide is becoming a brighter and more colourful city thanks to these creative ladies.

Ella Simpson, Lisa King, Sarah Boese, and Tayla Carlaw are a bunch of artists turning old brick walls into bright murals. From portraits of celebrities to funky designs and creative animals, nothing is off limits to these girls.

We caught up with the ladies of street art to get to know them a little more, plus suss out their artwork!

Ella Simpson –

Ella Simpson
Ella Simpson Adelaide street artist
Ella Simpson Adelaide street artist

My art summed up in 3 words are… bold, edgy, and vibrant.
I get my creativity from … fashion illustrations and designs, traditional paintings, and interior designs. I don’t use spray paint in my mural work – I am very much drawn to the brush!
I started painting when I was… little! I’ve always painted in some shape or form but have only recently moved into large scale street art. I studied Visual Art at Uni (only as a minor subject), but I would say I’m pretty much self-taught.
I’ve painted murals at… at Vietnamese Laundry, Sturt St, City – only one so far! I painted it when I was 22 weeks pregnant with my daughter Evie, who is nearly one now. I’m hoping to get back into it in now that I’m getting a bit more sleep!
My favourite murals are… in the Little Rundle Street Art project – Jimmy C’s incredible woman in the forest, and Findac’s piece further up the street. They are seriously stunning works.
Art to me is… a space where I can lose myself and not think, and be totally immersed in the moment.
In 5 years, I see myself… with more time to paint, given my daughter will be close to school age! I’d love to do a lot more mural work in the future.

Lisa King –

Lisa King
Lisa King
Lisa King

My art summed up in 3 words are… angelic, personal, and eyes!
I get my creativity from … 
spending lots of time in my studio alone with my thoughts.
I started painting when I was… 
I’ve painted murals at… 
Hotel Minima, The Maid, Jive Bar, Ubud; URWF, Adelaide Central Markets, Uni SA Bar… and some others.  
My favourite mural is… 
my Bowie Mural, Maid Hotel.
Art to me is… 
survival and Propaganda (either or).
In 5 years, I see myself… 
not overly different, perhaps….. making bigger and better work alongside my boyfriend and my dog in our cute house, with lots of plants in our underwear.

Sarah Boese –

Sarah Boese
Sarah Boese
Sarah Boese

My art summed up in 3 words are… imaginative, eclectic, and vivid.
I get my creativity from… my drive and appreciation for compelling art of all kinds. I get a lot of satisfaction out of growing as an artist and pushing my abilities. Artistic creativity doesn’t really run in my family all that much. For me, it’s a fine balance of process, persistence and inspiration.
I started painting when I was… maybe 6 or 7. I have been very interested in art from a young age. I grew up with the opportunity to try many different mediums and settled on digital as my focus. I only began painting with aerosol quite recently in 2015.
I’ve painted murals at… a side street off of O’connel Street, Little Rundle Street in Kent town, Glenelg, and some smaller murals for local restaurants.
My favourite mural is… yet to be found. There are honestly so many that I love which are so unique and amazing in their own right. A few of my favourite artists whose mural work would be at the top of my list are Nychos, Etam and Hula.
Art to me is… extracting something from your imagination and turning it into something tangible that can be experienced by others. Art is fascinating in how it can evoke an emotional response and get people thinking, but sometimes it is as simple as creating something that is beautiful or captivating. You don’t always have to dig too deep to connect with art.
In 5 years, I see myself… working on creative projects that continue to excite and challenge me. I do hope to be fairly established as a street artist and illustrator by then. I want to travel internationally with my work and collaborate with artists who inspire me in a variety of creative industries.

Tayla Carlaw –

Tayla Carlaw

My artwork summed up in 3 words are… from my hands.
I get my creativity from … fellow artist, my partner, and my animal children.
I started painting when I was… about 19 years old, but started aerosol and large scale work just under a year ago.
I have painted murals at… Little Rundle Street, Gouger Street and Pickle in the Middle, to name a few.
My favourite mural is… anything by Frank and Mimi, especially their work ‘you get the drift’.
Art to me is… a form of communicating; a method for an individual to create and express themselves in a way that people can relate to and feel something from.
In 5 years, I see myself… working with wildlife, still creating large scale works, and painting more on canvas and being the best mum I can be to my pet goats (throw in some pigs too).

All imaged provided by each artist.




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