Kim Kardashian West launches new fashion app ‘Screenshop’

Have you ever seen a clothing item or accessory on Instagram and wondered where it was from or where you can get similar items? Well, Kim Kardashian West has just released an app that will solve this problem and revolutionise the way we shop as well.

Aptly named Screenshop, the newly released app converts a screenshot into shoppable links of the item and/or items that are similar in style. So simply pick your screenshot and you’ll basically get your own little digital store full of similar items. Think of it like a Shazam for your clothes.

And it’s not just Instagram snaps, it also works with Snapchat and Facebook screen shots, and even on movie scenes. KKW herself has said that she’s used scenes from Clueless and old Hollywood movies to figure out her recent stint of Halloween costumes.

The Screenshop app is free to download for iOS on the App store – and for those who own an Android, you can sign up to the beta.

Find out more about it at