Staying fit at home when you’re self-isolating

Exercise is great and has many physical benefits, but mentally we need it more than ever! Since the announcement was made on Sunday night that all gyms will be closing, I had to think of a Plan B. I am sure lot of readers can agree with me where routine is important. Every morning, I complete an F45 Session at 6:15am and know I have started my day off the best way possible.

As I am adapting to the changes like every one else, I went online to work out how I am going to create my own little in-home gym station. My first tip for you is to get in quick, as a lot of equipment has already sold out. I would go online to some local stores like Kmart, Big W, Target, Rebel Sports etc. and see their click and collect options to ensure they actually have the equipment in store.

As the mornings are darker, runs aren’t always going to fit into my schedule, so I bought the following equipment to cater for my health and fitness isolation needs.

This was a breakdown of what I purchased from Target:

1 x Yoga Mat
3 Dumbbells
2 x Mini Hand Weights
1 x Skipping Rope
1 x Medicine Ball
Big Ropes
1 x Skipping Rope
Boxing Gloves and Pads
1 x Stepper

Overlooking my list I have a bit there so should be sorted if we need to shut down. This was my first day of trialing my home gym and have put together my morning exercise routine for others to follow. Feel free to change the timing, the equipment and options which will suit your health and fitness goals.

9 x stations, 3 laps, 60 seconds on each station.

Station 1
Skipping with the rope.
If you can’t skip, change it to high knees on the spot for 60 seconds.

Station 2
Jump lunches with the medicine ball.
Feel free to take the jump out and remove the medicine ball out, as long as you are keeping your body moving.

Station 3
Kettle bell squat rack.
This means I had one kettle bell racked up on each shoulder and just did squats.
The kettle bells can be taken out for normal squats.

Station 4
Mini dumbbells with four straight punches and four in the air.
I ended up added a jump lunge to challenge myself, but the dumbbells can be taken out and you can free hand punch to get those mini guns working.

Station 5
Side to side on a stepper.
I just moved jumping side to side for 60 seconds, but you can do star jumps as an alternative.

Station 6
Kettle bell swings.

Station 7
Mountain climbers for 60 seconds.
This was a killer, I definitely underestimated this.

Station 8
Ab Bicycles or any ab dominated exercise.
You can hold a plank for 60 seconds or even do crunches as an alternative.

Station 9
Push ups on your toes or knees.

And repeat.

There are many ways of keeping healthy where you can learn to meditate, take up yoga or even stretch. Keep your mind and body strong and fit, stay hydrated and know we will get through this.




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