Jasmine Alexa drops fourth collection

It’s no secret that we’re massive fans of Melbourne based fashion label Jasmine Alexa. Designed and founded by Jasmine Alexa Gescheit, the label is known for its range of understated monochrome pieces designed for the modern active woman – allowing her to go from studio to street with ease.

After having just celebrated their second birthday in August of last year, Jasmine Alexa has now released their fourth collection: ‘Collection IIII’. Made up of 12 pieces with prices ranging from $79.99 – $139.00, the collection is guided by intuition, thought and Jasmine’s own modern active lifestyle. Featuring Jasmine Alexa’s signature stripes, the collection includes shorts, crops, sweatshirts, skirts, leggings and tees.

We caught up with Jasmine to discuss her latest collection, sustainability in fashion and what’s next for her brand.

Jasmine Alexa Collection IV

Congratulations on your fourth collection – it must feel surreal! What was the inspiration behind Collection IIII?

Thank you! Yes, it feels very surreal. So much work and time goes into each collection – it’s hard to believe I have four under my belt now.

Collection IIII was inspired by the own relationship with my clothes. I live a very active lifestyle, as do many women today, and I was frustrated with not finding clothes that allowed me to transition through my day with ease, so I wanted to create pieces that would allow me, and other women, to do so. Collection IIII is all about timeless elegance, elevated for the modern active woman.

The new collection features your signature styles: crops, leggings shorts, and tees, with the addition of The Horizon Skirt. It’s such a unique and versatile piece, what inspired this design?

The Horizon Skirt stemmed from my own personal need actually. I don’t always feel comfortable wearing tight shorts or pants as I feel they accentuate my hips and bum, so I designed the Horizon Skirt as a way for me to cover up my assets whilst still wearing fitted clothes. I wanted it to have the flexibility to be worn over anything, which is why it emulates a belt, but has the shape and look of a skirt or layering piece.

Jasmine Alexa Collection IV

Two This is me garments have been added to your range. How have you found the support for this campaign with Headspace Australia?

The support for This is me, has truly been incredible – far beyond what I could have imagined actually. Every time I release new This is me pieces, they sell out! People really resonate with the platform, so having a piece that they can wear, it makes them feel like they are part of a wider community. It’s really special to see. I will always have This is me garments as part of the range, and will continue to support Headspace Australia.

I also have an exciting collaboration rolling out next month with a very big Australia retailer who are championing This is me. Together, we have created an exclusive piece that will be sold through their platform, and as always, all proceeds will be donated to Headspace Australia. All to be revealed very soon!

Jasmine Alexa Collection IV

Jasmine Alexa is taking an exciting step to becoming more sustainable with the introduction of the material Econyl. Can you explain what this is and what made you take this step?

Last year, a good friend of mine held an event where she screened Blue, a documentary about the crisis that is happening in our oceans. I knew things were bad, but Blue made me realise how badly we have polluted our oceans with plastics and waste. It really hit home and I couldn’t get it off my mind. I felt a responsibility to make a change, which is why I wanted to introduce recycled yarns into the range. I found an Italian textile company who have been making recycled textiles for the fashion industry since the 1980s and was blown away by their extensive range and the beautiful quality of their fabrics. This is where I found Econyl, a regenerated nylon yarn made from pre and post-industrial waste such as discarded fishing nets and carpet fluff, which is turned into a beautiful fabric perfect for performance leggings and crops. I am so excited to be releasing these pieces next month.

Jasmine Alexa is available in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, with stockists such as The ICONIC. Collection IIII is available via jasminealexa.com


Jasmine Alexa Collection IV
Jasmine Alexa Collection IV




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