Jamface Does SA Icecream


Masterchef‘s Poh Ling Yeow and her best friend/business partner Sarah behind the Adelaide Central Market’s Jamface have just expanded their brand with a range of three icecreams in collaboration with South Australia’s Golden North.

With names such as Cherry Springer, Nutty Joe and Fudgy Smugler, we couldn’t resist but putting all three flavours into our trolley.

We chat to the JamFace team about their newest venture and of course find out which flavour is Poh & Sarah’s fave.

Why did you choose Golden North to collaborate on this project with
They’re a small manufacturer and this made the whole process very personable. They pretty much said, “here are our machines and these are their trusted operators.” Golden North gave us complete creative freedom.

It of course made sense to work with a local resource logistically speaking — there’s a lot of recipe testing that goes on when you’re making ice cream and the travel requirements are huge already without adding interstate flights to it. Also it resonates with the Jamface brand to go local. It’s very much a buzz word in the food industry but what people are really saying when they talk about local is that they support diversity in food production. It’s an exaggeration but it makes the point to say that without support for local producers the alternative is one big corporation, likely not Australian, becoming the sole supplier of ice cream or any other food product for that matter.

What was your inspiration behind each flavour?
At first we tried to reinvent the wheel. Poh had a lot of great ideas for flavours, some of them inspired by Asian desserts, but in the testing it proved very difficult to get the flavours right without using artificial additives — which we were determined not to. Then we changed tack and thought for the expensive process of ice cream production to be made financially viable the flavors have to be broadly appealing to as many consumers as possible. So we then came up with simple, familiar favorites, but very much our versions thereof — made with as few ingredients as possible to reflect the home style that’s so important to Poh and the Jamface brand.

How did you come up with the creative ice cream names?
Ice cream is a fun food, at least it is to all of us so it made sense to give the flavors fun names. Budgy smuggler is of course a classic Aussie phrase that we didn’t hesitate to borrow from and come up with Fudgy Smuggler for the choc raspberry. And the Cherry Cheesecake, well Poh came up with the Cherry Springer name and it really rolled off the tongue so why not! Nutty Joe came from a discussion about the phrase “cup of Joe”, an old military reference to coffee, so it’s a take on that, given the hazelnut pieces.

Poh’s favourite flavour?
Cherry Springer — she loves the wonderfully subtle and very real cheesecake taste we’ve managed to achieve without the assistance of any artificial tricks.

Sarah’s favourite flavour?
Nutty Joe — she just loves the hazelnut pieces, the flavor burst they provide while enjoying the real ground coffee bean taste.

Where can we find the JamFace Icecream range?
Selected Foodland, IGA, BP & On The Run stores.






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