Is Dynasty the New Gossip Girl?

Spotted: A resurrection of the 1980’s TV series Dynasty with a younger, feistier and more diverse cast.

Welcome back, Upper East Siders Country Clubbers. After a long five years since the finale of our favourite Manhattan socialites drama, Gossip Girl, creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are giving us something new to obsess over and it comes with all the traditional trimmings of secrets, lies and scandals.

The plot of the updated series doesn’t steer too far away from the Dynasty original created by Aaron Spelling 36 years ago. Two wealthy billionaire families, The Carrington’s and the Colby’s fued over all that matters in their self-absorbed world; money, children and social status. Carrington’s sassy daughter Fallon has her claws out and ready to take on Daddy’s new love Cristal.

Schwartz and Savage along with co-creator and executive producer Sallie Patrick (Revenge) have given this remake a modern change with Cristal being a strong, feminine Latina from Venezuela, the Colby’s are Black Americans and Steven is openly gay and proud, but this time around he has the acceptance of his father. Don’t worry though, they’ll have plenty of other things to fight about.

What we really want to know is, where is Alexis? The scheming diva and Daddy Blake’s ex-wife originally played by Joan Collins is not seen in the first season, but we hear the character is in the works. Fabulous.

One good scandalous show deserves another.

Dynasty premieres on Netflix, Thursday October 12.