Introducing: Tommy Undone

The latest fashion brand to come out of Melbourne, Tommy Undone oozes with those relaxed 90’s vibes we love. The brand outsources their products from all over the world to create a carefully curated range for your convenience. It’s also a cruelty free brand, so there will never be leather or any other animal products available.

Known amongst the blogging community for their bamboo clutches and cat-eye sunglasses, Tommy Undone has become the go-to for your on trend statement piece. We caught up with co-founder Ruby James to find out more about the brand, as well as why you should be donning one of their pieces at your next weekend brunch.


Why the name ‘Tommy Undone’? 

Honestly, I was stuck with a giant mood board for hours on end with words that I found ‘catchy’. After accepting that I was not going to agree on anything that day and, [knowing that] I needed to keep going, I picked two random words to use as a ‘temp’ name.


Who’s the Tommy Undone girl?

Kaia Gerber with a dash of Slick Woods. She is conscious of the world around her and is effortlessly cool.


How do you decide what to put in your collection?

I am lucky to have a very creative [and] fashion conscious group of friends, which helps! Also I take a great interest in what styles are trending in Europe as they are always one step ahead.


How did you find breaking into the Melbourne fashion scene? 

I adore the Melbourne fashion scene. I was lucky to be contacted by a handful of prominent bloggers over the Spring Racing Carnival, this really helped me get my name out there and the girls rocked the pieces!


Is it a conscious effort to provide affordable and on trend pieces? 

Absolutely, affordability is and always will be super important to me.

I love the idea that you can see an image of a blogger you adore wearing some cat-eye sunglasses and within five minutes chances are you have purchased them online and have them arriving the next day. How great is online shopping!


How did you go about creating the photographic content for Tommy Undone?

We wanted to stick to the ‘casual street style’ theme as oppose to shooting directly in a studio. We have a couple of go-to Melbourne based influencers who we have worked closely with to produce our content. So far the feedback has been good and we hope to continue shooting this way!


What’s next for Tommy Undone?

To continue to grow into a one-stop-shop for the on-trend gal. [We are] working on our own designs, which we hope to be launching very soon; think a whole lot of neutrals, linen and loose fits.





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