Introducing: Sugar Sugar Cake School

From lavish birthday cakes to uniquely personal wedding creations, the perfect cake comes in all shapes and sizes. With many decorators opting for innovative techniques that push the boundaries, social media is packed to the rafters with awe-inspiring cakes.

While these intricate designs can seem a world away, suited to the boutique cake shops of Paris and New York, one local lady is shaking up the cake world right here in Adelaide.

Introducing Amanda Lee, founder and instructor at Sugar Sugar Cake School. Amanda has taken the cake community by storm with her unique abilities, distinctive style and passion for sharing these carefully crafted skills with the world.

Spurred by a desire to take up-and-coming decorators under her wing, Sugar Sugar Cake School is the latest endeavour by the cake boss. Previously a cake business known as Sugar Sugar Cakes, the school is the next progression of Amanda’s obvious creative abilities and appetite for educating other modern-day movers and cakers.

“My online school is distinct as it specifically serves and equips the ‘modern baker’,” Amanda says. “My tutorials also have an underlying ‘contemporary Australian’ style, which is different to the decorating styles in other parts of the world”.

Not only whipping up seriously Insta-worthy innovations in the kitchen, Amanda also endeavours to aid cake makers to sustain ongoing success in the business realm.

“I supplement my cake decorating tutorials with business blogs and cake business resources, so my students can go beyond making incredible cakes and can grow a sustainable career from their caking passion,” she says.

The cake school aspect was also partly born out of Amanda’s own frustrations when first establishing her business as well as a heart set on educating others. “When I was trying to upskill, and grow my business in my early years as a cake decorator, I realised that there were a lot of gaps in the information available online,” says Amanda.

Thrown into the mix was a strong online following who wanted to learn and her real-world experience teaching live classes at a local supply store. “Being raised by a teacher mum also meant that I had a natural heart for teaching, and so this spurred me to build my Facebook, Instagram and website to become learning hubs and sources of inspiration for the global cake community,” she continues.

In a career full of incredible achievements, Amanda seems to have done it all. She’s attended a French culinary school in Sydney as well as had her cakes featured in publications around the world, and she even took out the global Threadcakes online competition at the beginning of 2017.

“Until then, [the competition] had only been won by ‘cake rock stars’ that I had looked up to so much… it’s kinda like winning a Grammy in the cake world,” Amanda says of the experience.

Despite these achievements, she still finds most joy in inspiring others and aiding them in their own creative journeys. “My absolute favourite thing is when I get messages and emails from my students telling me how a tutorial, blog or resource has helped them in their cake decorating,” she says.

“I also do one-on-one cake mentorships and throughout this process, I see the struggle and stress of trying to grow a cake business in my students being replaced with excitement, clarity and vision in a matter of weeks – and that is something truly special for me,” she adds.

As for what the caking queen believes constitutes a beautiful cake creation? Amanda suggests looking to the outside world for inspiration.

“I think it all comes down to a distinctive style. A cake that isn’t a copy of something else, but is unique and original in its own right,” she says.

“I’ve realised recently that I’m naturally inspired by canvas art and gorgeous interiors. My phone is chock-a-block with beautiful things I see every day that I snap as inspiration for new cake designs,” she adds. | @sugarsugarcakeschool




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