Introducing: SNAP/SNAP

In the age of the gram, we can all admit to snapping the occasional Boomerang. Taking the Insta world by storm, the Boomerang has revolutionised the definition of candid. If you’ve attended any of Adelaide’s biggest events this year – think Royal Croquet Club, the Adelaide Film Festival, Adelaide Fashion Festival and Spring Carnival at Morphettville – it’s more than likely you’ve tried your hand at a SNAP/SNAP photobooth.

Few people find their calling like owner and founder Danny Nguyen has. At just 27 years old, the Adelaide local has finished uni, nabbed a graduate engineering position, built his business then navigated the world of career change all in the name of passion. Following his love of brand development, business interests and engineering skillset – which he used to build his very first photo booth – into the world of social media marketing and events hire, 2013 saw Danny launch SNAP/SNAP, the company that would soon become his full time career.

A response to a gap in the market for affordable, quality photo booth experiences and putting his engineering skills to the test, Danny originally only planned on hiring the booth out a few times to break even on the cost of building his first machine.

Jump forward three years and SNAP/SNAP had taken off. As Adelaide embraced the innovative take on the traditional photobooth, the business took on a life of its own and soon Danny was leaving his full time engineering job to pour his time into SNAP/SNAP.

For Danny the stark shift in career was a collision of fate, passion and a whole lot of hard work.

“For me you could call it fate, but the business had been running for three-years already,” he says. “The business was booming at the time, running almost autonomously because of the systems that we had created and the team members that knew their roles really well”.

“This coincided with a time in my life when I got really sick, I had chronic fatigue, cholinergic urticaria and psoriasis and I found it almost impossible to get into work at 8 or 9am, I was quite confident that I could focus on my health and recover whilst earning enough passive income from the business to survive,” he continues.

SNAP/SNAP offer two varieties of photobooths, the The Openbooth and The Gifbooth. The Openbooth sees spectacular stills complete with unlimited prints, customised logo, digital images and props, while The Gifbooth kicks things up a notch with unlimited Boomerang Gifs for the perfect #candid Insta-moments.

“We don’t offer heaps of options, we offer the best option, and all of our machines are homogenous. There are companies that offer EVERYTHING if the price is right, we don’t do that because we know that it’s impossible to be good at everything,” says Danny.

Next time you’re out and about around Adelaide, or for your next private event, jump into the SNAP/SNAP booth for a super cute addition to your Insta-feed.

Check out the full range of SNAP/SNAP’s products online here.


The SNAP/SNAP team




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