Introducing: Scull

Bursting with fermented goodness, kombucha’s lightly sparkling concoction of tea, sugar and live cultures has seen it gain serious traction amongst Adelaide’s health-concerned in recent years. Elevating the drink beyond its standard berry and ginger varietals, Booch was known for its unique flavours and emphasis on kombucha’s core element, the tea. First taking to weekend markets, the brewers have fast outgrown their ambitions and with growth comes the need to rebrand.

Introducing Scull, the new look iteration of owners Damian Foo and Sharon Lam’s beloved kombucha. The fermenting fanatics explain the need for a change was spurred by a desire to expand.

“The rebrand comes down to ideas and timing,” explains Damian. “Ideas because eventually we want to expand beyond kombucha [and] timing due to the present situation where we’re looking beyond our weekend market stall presence and looking to be stocked in retail fridges and on taps.”

Put simply, he says, “this growth signals a new phase and thus a new brand name.”

Taking inspiration both from the traditional sense of the word and the Australian slang for knocking back a beverage, the name Scull is informed by Damian and Sharon’s tenet for innovation.

“Our name, Scull, sums up our ethos somewhat, we want to be progressive and break new ground, just like a person sculling through water,” says Damian.

The new name is complimented by a new design, courtesy of Adelaide-based Dialogic Studio’s creative prowess and Grace Lee’s illustrative handiwork.

Under the Scull branding, what’s in the bottle will remain the integrity of flavour that saw Booch garner fanfare. At its core, Scull’s kombucha champions the building blocks of quality, locally sourced ingredients.

“My food philosophy is ‘the old way is the best way’…to us that means the best leaves you can buy, keeping it as natural as possible, and not using ingredients that your grandparents wouldn’t have had,” explains Damian.

“I’m a bit of a details-obsessed individual and I’ve probably spent more time than I should have just learning about water quality,” he continues. “Something as simple as water has a remarkable impact on taste.”

So much is evident in the Shincha Kombucha. Considered the best Japanese green tea available, Shincha is first flush, meaning plucked for first harvest. Previously dubbed ‘Original’ under Booch, Scull shuns the plain connotations, placing the tea’s namesake front and centre for its so-called “pure tea” range.

For lovers of the brand’s fan-favourite elderflower varietal, rest assured Scull will still be brewing up a range of exciting flavours.

“Seasonal flavours will still be offered at markets, where I can go crazy with new experimental flavours,” says Damian.

But that’s not all, with an exciting new brand comes even further expansion, with whispers of a taproom still to come. Keep an eye on Clique to keep up to date with all things Scull.| @drinkscull

Photogaphy by Ben Neale




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