Introducing: Project REM

Name a person who doesn’t love a good set of pyjamas? It’s ultimate luxury to slip into your PJs and get into bed after a long day. And in the last few years, we’ve even seen the PJ trend transcend the bedroom and make its way into day dressing as well. So we were pretty happy when we discovered Project REM, an Australian company making sleepwear so great that you’ll want to wear out during the day.

We chat to founder Gabrielle Schwartz about how Project REM came about, how we should be wearing our Project REM sets and using their platform to help disadvantaged women here at home.

Hey Gabrielle, can you tell us a little more about yourself and your background?

I’m the founding Director of Fashionata, a multi-brand distribution and wholesale business which specializing in sleepwear and lingerie. My commerce degree and my entrepreneurial spirit always encourage me to want to start my own business. I have an unwavering love for fashion and at 23 I brought these two loves together and started Fashionata, with an aim to bring the best brands from all over the world to the Australian market. Since then we have had so many creative ideas and subsequently started a design studio based in Alexandria with an aim to fill a gap in the market for forward thinking Fashion brands.  To top things off, I’m also a doting new mum to a very active gorgeous little boy Levi who loves keeping his mum on her toes!

What inspired you to start Project REM? Why specifically pajamas?

Project REM was inspired by and created for the savvy millennial. Being one myself it was clear that there was a gap in the market for contemporary sleepwear that didn’t take itself too seriously. There are plenty of options for cute PJs however we felt that our customer has grown up out of these ‘xmas gifted’ PJs and that wanted their nightwear to reflect their own personal style and the trends of the season. There’s nothing better than getting into a cool set of PJs after a long day with a wine in one hand and my favorite show on in the background.

Why the name Project REM?

Project REM should really be broken down into two parts both as important as one another.

REM – stands for Rapid Eye Movement is defined a period of sleep during which dreaming takes place. An important aspect for Project REM was to represent the importance of relaxing and winding down. Our goal was to transport the consumer to another state of being.

The word Project really defines the cause behind the clothes being that we stand for something larger than ourselves. We like to refer to Project REM as ‘conscious clothing’. By purchasing a set of PJs you know your dollars are doing something good.

We really love your special initiative to help out homeless and disadvantaged women, can you tell us a little bit more about this and why you chose to include this in Project REM? 

The team at Project REM often discuss social issues and how this world could be a better place. One of our breakouts, someone raised the crisis of women in our own backyard who don’t have access to the basic sanitary items they need. Living in one of the world’s best countries in 2017 – we had to question how could this be? The whole team believed that everyone should have access to sanitary products and it should be seen as right not a privilege. We felt obligated to use Project REM as a platform to make an impact and move us closer to solving this problem in Australia. If we can do our bit in helping our community of women we can all sleep a little easier at night.

You’ve got some really cute and original prints, what is the process behind choosing what kind of designs you release? 

Project REM is based off the idea of having versatile nightwear that could easily be mistaken for daywear. We try to find prints that not only could be worn outside the bedroom but also evoke a sense of style and the trend of the season. Prints for us are an expression of the brand and therefore we don’t take ourselves too seriously yet we love to induce an emotion from our prints.

Pyjama dressing has definitely made the transition from the bedroom to everyday wear, how would you suggest styling a Project REM set?

Exactly how you would your everyday wear. Mix and Match. Tuck in or out. Pull up those drawstring PJ pants and make then high waisted. The girls in the office are always wearing the pyjama tops with denim/sleepshirts to the beach, anything goes!

We hear that you guys are setting up an activation as a part of the Adelaide Fashion Festival as well! Can you tell us about how you got involved and what we can expect?

Our team will be offering customised Project REM Printed Sweets by a favourite Adelaide-based business of ours, Petal & Pop [@petal_and_pop]. All customers will have the chance to receive a pop in-store and hear about our project during the VOGUE Festival.

You definitely have us covered in the cute sleepwear area, are there any plans to expand the range? What is next for you and Project REM? 

A dream of mine is to take REM global and support women all around the world with our Project. To support varying causes that mean something to our team. For next summer we also plan to bring out super fun accessories which can be used in and out the home in our signature prints.