Introducing: Palma Collective

Let us introduce you to your favourite new accessory brand: Palma Collective. Brainchild of Adelaide gal, Erica Roccioletti, the new label’s design mission is simply to make wearable accessories with charisma and charm.

Starting Palma Collective came from Erica’s personal desire to create a season-less brand. Rather, Palma is meant to be “a lifestyle line that promotes a more perennial approach to people’s wardrobes rather than following the traditional fashion calendar or trends”.

“With a thirst for travel, love for design, passion for procuring unique vintage pieces and an obsession with anything textural to adorn an outfit or accessory, I decided to create a brand that was a natural extension of my personal style and married all my loves into one,” says Erica.

Their first online-exclusive collection, ‘Santa Clara’, features versatile pieces made from premium natural ingredients like leather, suede and raffia, then personalised with handcrafted tassels and embellishments. Contrast these warm, natural textures with the bright intensity of pop colours and you get some seriously cool bags.

The idea was to create a range of accessories that would be wearable and good for everyday use but also bring some fun and personality to an outfit. A Palma bag is meant to be something that can be incorporated into your wardrobe season after season.

For a brand that has only recently launched its first collection, Palma Collective already seems well-established. “The vision has definitely always been with me,” Erica says when asked about what went into creating the brand, the designs and the overall aesthetic.

“I have a love affair with textural contrasts, the balance of clashing colours, one-of-a-kind pieces you find whilst travelling and anything Latin American – the people, the culture, the food, the music, the language, the landscape.” So naturally, this Latin American vibe has become a driving force behind the brand.

Fittingly, Palma’s ethos – which appears again and again on their extremely aesthetically pleasing site – is ‘Amigos Para Simpre’, meaning Friends Forever. Forever being the strong connection with each and every piece she has designed, the customers she designs for and the relationship they have with their own Palma pieces as well.

As for what’s next on the cards for Palma Collective, Erica says it is working on their summer collection. “… all I can say is that it is perfect for Summer,” Erica says. “[It’s] filled with plenty of colour, some unlikely aesthetic pairings, a bit of a vintage Latino flare, and lots of texture, texture, texture to satisfy Palma’s loyal band of like-minded customers.” Sounds pretty good to us.

See their full campaign below. | @palmacollective

Palma Collective