Introducing: Nicole is Nicole Ceramics

McLaren Vale might be well known for its food and wine, but you can now also add eclectic handcrafted ceramics into the mix thanks to local artisan, Nicole Deichmann and her business, Nicole is Nicole Ceramics. From plates and bowls to cups and saucers, her creations are intricate and one-of-a-kind yet crafted to stay true to their practical purpose.

A major factor into her business taking off was a desire to meet new people after moving to the Southern wine region. “I started making ceramics around two years ago because I had relocated a couple of times in a few years and wanted a creative hobby,” says Nicole. “I signed up to a ceramics class and now I am constantly covered in mud!”

Nicole channels her creativity into each piece, meaning that customers will take home something that is completely unique. We had a chat to the woman herself to learn a little more about her budding business.

What lead you into ceramics?

I always considered myself to be artistic but I had never found the right medium until that class.

I work in an IT job Monday to Friday so having a creative outlet and being constructive, building my small business have been really exciting. My logo, the rising sun symbolises the fact that even after hard times there will always be a new day and new sunshine in life – as long as you welcome it. Ceramics was my new ray of sunshine.

What do you find are the biggest influences on your work? 

I follow a lot of creative people on social media and seeing their hard work and evolving concepts really inspires me to keep making and growing my own work- I become motivated by other people’s success.

I enjoy making functional ceramics; pieces that can be used for a purpose other than decoration, so the trending foodie culture has influenced a lot of my pieces.

You’re set up in the gorgeous McLaren Vale wine region, do you find the area stimulating for your creativity?

I moved to the McLaren Vale wine region 2 years ago as my husband is a wine maker so it was the ideal location for his creativity but, luckily, it turned out to be the perfect location for my creativity too! My pieces are heavily inspired by my love of deep, cool blues and greens, drawn from the local shores and fields.

We are so lucky in Australia to be surrounded by such natural beauty. Working with clay, which is essentially filtered mud, I realised that my pieces existed in nature long before I did and will outlive me.

Do you have a favourite piece you have released or are working on? 

Recently, I finished a piece that I had been working on for a little while. It is a circular cheese board with three blue ceramic flowers running down one side. I am trying to blur the line between functional and decorative and it was really fun to try something new and it turned out better than I could have imagined.

If you were to describe your work in three words, what would they be?

Contemporary, functional, bold.

Finally, where can we get our hands on some of your pieces?

Adelaide folks can find me at various markets and stockists around the city. My next market will be the Gilles at the Grounds at the Wayville Showground and my current stockists include Relove and Tinker. Some of my pieces are also available for sale on my website. |




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