Introducing: Miss Behave

It’s most likely the only show during the Adelaide Cabaret Festival where you’re encouraged to leave your phones on, but you’re asked in return to turn your judgments off. During Miss Behave’s Gameshow, the audience will be split into rival teams, ‘iPhone vs. Others’ and we’ve been warned that you’ll be willing to do anything to earn points.

Before she makes the trip from the UK to down to Adelaide, we chat to Miss Behave herself to find out more about this “entertaining and silly” show plus what she plans on getting up to during her time in Adelaide.

For those who do not know Miss Behave, please give us an insight into yourself…
I am a live cartoon with a late night attitude. My day job is a sword swallower, and by night I’m a game show host. I am a notorious MC and curator of madness, mayhem and good ole fashioned entertainment.

We heard the Miss Behave’s Gameshow actually originated at the Adelaide Fringe, please tell us more!
I found myself with a sense of mischief and some free time, ended up in Adelaide Fringe a few years ago, and thanks to the joys of the sideshow tents I started mucking around with the idea of a game show in 15 minute, $5 shows…people liked it, it grew!

What’s your favourite thing about Adelaide, anything you plan on getting up to while you’re here for the Adelaide Cabaret Festival?
I love Glenelg. I love Rundle Mall and the shopping. I love the food. I love Hindley St in the dirty wee hours of the morning. I love how many brilliant artistic powerhouses live and work in Adelaide and I’m looking forward to many coffees and cocktails with them.

I have heard such wonderful things about Adelaide Cabaret Festival I am dying to experience it…all…and to the fullest!

For someone who hasn’t been to one of your performances or game shows before, what should they expect?
A good time fun gameshow with lots of music and fun. Entertaining and silly. Two teams divided by their phones. iPhone v Others.

There is NO enforced participation, and the two teams enjoy playing fun games on and off their phones, or just watching the mayhem that human nature creates.

What has been the most outrageous thing an audience member has done in order to gain points during a game show?
Someone tried to bribe us with a credit card once, we made them go and get cash…they came back 20 minutes later, drenched as it was raining heavily, with a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates and £50!

We’ve had someone jump onstage take all their clothes off and do a back somersault and land in splits…

People do ANYTHING for a point at times.

You’ve traveled half way around the world with this show, how does the Adelaide audience compare to others?
They have a rich understanding of entertainment because of the festivals you have here. So they are a lot of fun as well as having more knowledge than your average punter.

We’ve heard a TV show is in the pipeline – please tell us more!
My lips are sealed. Contractually.

And lastly, do you own an iPhone or other?
Hahahaha…that would be telling…I am the impartial, unbiased, point giving host. I am neither one, nor the other 😉

Tickets are definitely getting snapped up quickly, so get in quick here – we’re also giving away 4x double passes to opening night, enter here.

Photography by Dave Pickens via Adelaide Cabaret Festival




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