Introducing: LP. Handmade by Lucie Pike

While winter is just around the corner – where is this year going? – it’s easy to resort back to minimalism and monochromatic accessories, leaving the bright and bubbly behind with the warmer weather. Rid your mind of those thoughts though because local creative, Lucie Pike, and her label LP. Handmade are busy creating the earrings, bag-tags and keyrings to add a bit of colour to your wardrobe and you’ll be supporting a local business as well.

LP. Handmade is all about personalisation and tailoring the product to suit the customers desires and, despite personalisation potentially adding a lengthier production time, the customer is presented with a unique piece of jewellery that is completely their own. Lucie’s can-do attitude and passion for maintaining a local presence is just one of the reasons LP. Handmade is a local label you can get around.

“Initially LP. Handmade began as a hobby and it’s an honour to be where I am today with what I now call a small business,” Lucie says of her growing brand.

“With constant small goals being reached my ultimate aim for LP. Handmade is to keep consistent growth and eventually become an iconic Adelaide established brand.”

We caught up with Lucie to chat all things LP. Handmade and what’s in store for buyers this season.

Firstly, who is Lucie Pike?

Lucie Pike is a 19-year-old small business entrepreneur, and the owner and creator of LP. Handmade. Currently in her second year of university and studying Business Entrepreneurship – Advanced Leadership, Lucie also works at a local Brighton café as well as creating a beautiful range of jewellery and accessories for her small business.

Where did LP Handmade begin?

LP. Handmade originated from a year 12 design major in 2015. Once school finished, the demand for my jewellery quickly escalated to direct orders, markets and wholesaling to over eight boutique gift stores statewide. I have always had a creative passion and desire to create a statement piece that no one else had. It was also important that my business name incorporated a handmade aspect to let customers know that they are buying a unique one-of-a-kind handmade product.

Pompoms have been the hottest accessory of late! What makes your take on the trend different?

Statement earrings in general have been, and are currently, one of the hottest fashion accessories on the market. Again, as I like to develop one-of-a-kind jewellery, I decided to use pompoms as my earring feature in replace of accessories such as tassels, as they weren’t as popular and can be extremely personalised. LP. Handmade’s take on the statement earring trend allows customers to choose from a range of colours to create their own personal pompom colour combination to best suit themselves. Although this may denote a lengthier manufacturing time it allows freedom and choice to the customer which is a factor I value and persist to offer.

What are your three favourite LP Handmade styles out at the moment?

My number 1 favourite choice of product currently on offer is definitely my range of drop and hoop pompom earrings. These earrings are so versatile; they allow the customer to wear them casually every day or even to formal black tie events.

Secondly the original LP clay studs. These earrings were my initial step in creating my small business and will never fail to disappoint. I create a range of original block colours as well as endless patterns and designs, where pairs of earrings involve the same colours however do not contain symmetric designs, allowing each pair of earrings to be unique.

Third is my range of keyrings and bag-tags. The designs of these accessories are kept simple but bright and quirky. I love this product as I believe it caters to the widest market.

How can we get our hands on some of your pieces?

LP.Handmade is featured in a range of fashion boutiques across South Australia including: Kohl & Soda, Best Wishes, That Pony Shop, The Ivy Room, Lotus Gifts, Little Bohemian, Pearle Boutique, Fabal Wine cellar door and Ruby & Kate

Handmade also maintains a constant social media presence on Instagram, @lp.handmade. This is where you’ll keep up to date with the latest range of jewellery and accessories available. Direct customer orders are currently taken through Instagram direct message and email ([email protected]), however we are in the process of building a website. This will be launching in the coming months and will be designed in aid to improve customer experience. The easy to use site will feature all of the latest LP. Handmade products, and allow customers to place orders directly through the site.

Finally, what is your ultimate goal for LP. Handmade and how are you going to get there?

In addition to growing LP. Handmade I insist on building my business knowledge in the hope of potentially creating a store front business. Keep your future sights and minds on LP. Handmade!