Introducing: KX Retreats

KX Fitness Retreat

In case you didn’t know already, we’re all obsessed with KX Pilates here at CLIQUE Mag. And in case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s been all the rage all over Adelaide as well thanks to incredible team at the Norwood studio – so much so that they’ve had to add extra classes to meet the demand. But now from the same business comes KX Retreats and boy, are we excited!

So the idea behind the seven day retreat is to escape to Bali and be able to work on your fitness at the same time. We know exercising is the last thing that most people heading to Bali are thinking about but week-long trip really is the perfect balance between fitness and relaxation.

Retreat-goers have the option to train hard all week with cardio, pilates, yoga and even surfing lessons or just join in with the training when it suits them. All of this happens while staying in an amazing location right in front of the lush Balinese beachfront.

So if you’ve never been to Bali or even if you’ve been a thousand times before, it seems to be the perfect excuse to go along and just experience it from a different angle and also feel good about yourself while doing it.

2017 Retreat Dates:
Saturday 3rd June–Friday 9th June, 2017
Saturday 22nd July–Friday 28th July, 2017
Saturday 19th August – Friday 25th August, 2017
Saturday 16th September – Friday 22nd September, 2017

When you need some recovery time… #kxretreats

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