Introducing: Joslin

Founded in March 2018, Joslin is an independent luxury fashion label designed and based in Melbourne. With a modern minimalist aesthetic, Joslin exists both sustainably and ethically, only using fabric made of natural fibres in their designs.

The name Joslin, is the middle name of Founder/Designer Elinor McMahon, as well as her maternal Grandmother’s first name and a heritage family surname that goes back centuries. The name is of English, Scottish and French descent, and means ‘fighter’.

We caught up with Elinor to discuss Joslin’s debut Heritage Resort Collection, as well as how her journey in fashion design over the past 10 years led her to creating her own label.


Why did you begin Joslin?

Honestly, it was just timeI’ve aimed to create a brand that is both effortless and minimalist in its styling, yet refreshingly feminine and true to my aesthetic.

Earlier in the year, I suddenly found myself in a position to start my own business and the comfort zone of knowing I had the know-how and contacts in place to back it. I’ve spent the last decade working in the industry, experiencing all the usual roles within design, buying and production. I’ve designed and developed women’s clothing for all business models including boutique, department store, retail and wholesale, and all markets including designer, contemporary, classic and plus size.

Over the years, deep in my subconscious, I knew I would one day begin my own business, and I’ve just spent this time working and absorbing as much information as possible. I am grateful for every positive and negative experience I’ve had in this industry for it has blessed me with the opportunity and knowledge to launch Joslin.

What’s your brand’s philosophy?

Joslin is designed discerningly with a philosophy that centres around offering high-end design and detailing, natural fabrications, clever construction and traditional techniques with a simplicity that allows women to feel confident, elegant and above all comfortable.

There is styling for every woman and every age: the product scopes from cropped bodice tops through to oversized smock tops, event dressing through to denim, knits and resort wear.


Your debut collection ‘Heritage’ is very on trend, with balloon sleeves, ruffles and linen. What inspired you throughout the design process?

For Joslin’s debut collection, I drew inspiration by looking back through my English Heritage, focusing on the detailing behind the clothing of the Victorian and Edwardian eras: volumed sleeves, feminine bows and sashes, frills and ruffles, pintucks and self-covered button detailing. This is also what sparked the debut collection’s name ‘Heritage’.

I made the decision for Joslin’s debut collection to be in a monochromatic colour palette [as] I wanted both our wholesale partners and customers to look at Joslin’s debut collection and understand the true aesthetic of the product without the distraction of colour and print.


What’s your favourite piece from the collection?

The Annabelle Linen Ramie Dress in White (pictured below). I can’t wait to wear it in Noosa when I take some time out this December.

Is Joslin sustainable? Where do you source your materials from?

Sustainability is so important to the Joslin brand. Our collections are made entirely of natural fibres such as linen, cotton, ramie and silk that will eventually all decompose – even our linings are made only of cotton and viscose.

I design all my collections with transeasonal elements and the mentality of longevity and in the wardrobe – Joslin’s product is designed to be worn for more than one season. I have even incorporated detachable sleeves to many of my garments for multi-wear use.

As part of the upcoming Autumn 19 Valiant CollectionI have introduced knitwear made of recycled pre-consumer cotton. I am going to continue to source recycled fabrics and yarns where possible, although this is an enormous challenge when trying to remain price conscious.

The packaging for Joslin’s online store and all our advertising material, including the lookbooks provided to our wholesale partners, are all made from 100% recycled paper and cardboard.


You’ve already started on your second and third collections. What can we expect from these?

Joslin’s Autumn 19 ‘Valiant’ Collection and Winter 19 ‘Portrait’ Collection see an introduction of colour, exclusive floral prints that I’ve drawn by hand and product categories such as denim, knitwear, suiting and outerwear.

Styling has evolved from our Debut ‘Heritage’ collection, but there is a shift with the changing season and trends. All of Joslin’s collections will move on organically from each previous collection. Consistency, familiarity and attention to detail are very important to the success of Joslin.


Joslin’s Heritage Resort Collection is now available for pre-order via their website, with their online store launching this Friday, October 5.




Images via Joslin.




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