Introducing: Jasmine Alexa

Our latest fashion obsession is ‘active daywear’, a phrase coined by head designer, Jasmine Gescheit, of Melbourne label Jasmine Alexa. In her words, it is “the cross over between activewear and daywear; the niche spot between the two categories that encompasses an active lifestyle.” And this perfectly sums up Jasmine Alexa.

Jasmine created her label out of a frustration for not finding clothes to suit her lifestyle. “I am often on the run; going from work to the gym to social events are common occurrences for me, and I know I’m not the only one who lives a life like this,” Jasmine says. “I wanted clothes that would allow me to transition through all these, and as I couldn’t find them, I instead decided to create them.”

Jasmine takes a very hands-on approach throughout the design process. “I have technical skills in pattern making and sewing, so I make all the samples,” she says. “I am always refining and developing the fit of each garment to the point where some garments have required almost 10 alterations.”

Her dedication to her craft says a lot about the standard that Jasmine Alexa holds. “Each garment is designed around the functionality of it. I ask myself, how should this garment be worn? What is its purpose? Who would wear it and why?” she says. “The answers help me to select the right fabrication and the smaller details such as pockets, seams, closures, trims, etc.” Choosing the right fabrics can make or break how successful a design is and the thing we love most about Jasmine is just how much time and care she takes with every decision regarding her label. “I source all the fabrics myself, mostly from around Melbourne and Sydney, and I choose fabrics that I personally would want to wear,” she says. “I love premium fabrics that not only feel lux but are lux. I often work with natural fibers and good performance fabrics that are functional and require easy care.” All of the Jasmine Alexa leggings and shorts use a polyester/spandex blend which is breathable, odor resistant, moisture wicking, UPF 50+, fully opaque and has a 4-way stretch. “To me fabrication is the most important aspect of a garment. A design can only come to life if the right fabric is used for it.”

Her minimal style has also translated into her chic, stylish designs. “I think I subconsciously design for myself,” she admits. “I like to dress with ease and am a strong believer that less is more.” And it’s this minimalist approach that has her business booming, with bloggers Bronte McCallum (@brontemac), Kristy Wu (@kristywho) and Jacquie Alexander (@jacquiealexander) all caught sporting Jasmine Alexa.

We also love a brand with a moral compass and Jasmine Alexa’s comes in the way of their ‘This Is Me’ program. “‘This Is Me’ is about building a community of strong, fearless and brave women, and creates an open discussion around mental health,” Jasmine says. “As someone who has personally struggled with my own mental health issues, mainly throughout my teenage years, I wanted to be able to help those who might be going through the same struggle and hence ‘This Is Me’ was born.” This section of the website includes interviews with women from all walks of life who have struggled with their mental health. “It’s a place where people can feel connected without the fear of judgement, but most importantly it’s a place where people can feel inspired and empowered by these remarkable stories,” Jasmine says. “Our motto is that to empower others is to empower yourself.”

There are also ‘This Is Me’ t-shirts available by the Jasmine Alexa website, with all proceed donated to Headspace Australia, the national youth mental health foundation.

You can find Jasmine Alexa at:


Image Credits

Images with the blonde model: 

Photography – Dean Bell
Creative Direction & Styling – Annika Hein
HMUA – Janice Wu
Model – Lilian Van Der Veen @ Chadwick Models


Image with brunette model:

Photography – Tommika Valente
Model – Darcy Spinks @ Giant Management





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