Introducing: Instant Teeth Whitening

It’s the new Instagram fashion. Two rows of crystal white teeth thanks to an LED light. Well, no need to walk around the house with a mini rave cave in your mouth. Let us introduce you to Instant Teeth Whitening – or simply just ITW – an Australian company giving you a different and super effective way to some pearly whites.

The at-home teeth whitening kit’s point of difference is that they create a personalised mould for your teeth. You just need to order the kit online, take an impression of their upper and lower teeth (with all the materials provided for you) then express post it back in the prepaid envelope. The impression is then taken to a team of dental technicians in Melbourne who create your perfectly shaped tray.

Made to measure trays means no leaking of the whitening gel whilst sleeping and none of that ill-fitting bulk moulds that aren’t meant to fit everyone. The custom-fitted moulds are clear, meaning they can also be worn during the day so you can whiten on the go – and even while talking! Oh, and you know that they’re Australian made. Included in the ITW kit also are three tubes of whitening gel, travel bag, face towel, mini-electric toothbrush and a compact mirror for all your whitening needs.

ITW'S Five Steps to Whiter Teeth

– Order online via ITW – your goodies are express posted at no extra charge

– Take your impressions in the comfort of your own home

– Return your one-of-a-kind impressions to ITW

– The ITW team get to work and create your perfectly fitting trays (then express post them back to you)

– You start whitening!

Get your kit today at | @itwsmile