Introducing: Happy Way

Although it’s changed in recent times, the gym and the culture surrounding it hasn’t always been the most female-friendly environments. So don’t be too surprised if you’ve struggled to find a product to suit you when most of it is marketed to macho muscle-busting gym goers. So here’s where we introduce you to Happy Way, a whey protein powder that also features some of our favourite superfoods to make sure you’re getting the best of the best nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins to nourish and feed your body. It’s basically so cool that the men in your life will want try it as well. We chat to creators Ben Germein and Hien Nguyen about all things Happy Way.

Hey guys, we know you both have extensive backgrounds in the fitness industry but can you tell us a little more about yourselves?

Ben: I studied a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing at UniSA. As part of my studies I won a scholarship to study/work abroad in the Netherlands and Belgium for two and a half years. Upon returning to Australia I worked within the medical industry doing sales/account management roles. I promptly realised the 9-5 grind wasn’t for me and burnt the bridge to invest my life savings into opening Anytime Fitness gyms. I am now owner and co-owner of 10 gyms around Australia. My hobbies include travel, gardening, golf and driving cars and I have two miniature sausage dogs called Shanks and Chizzles!

Hien: I am one of Adelaide’s most successful personal trainer and lifestyle coaches [and have been] for 11 years now. I specialise in weight management, strength and conditioning as well as functional exercises around a strong postural framework. I also currently run an all female and ‘mums and bubs’ fitness group. I have mentored and developed the businesses and skills of over 20+ personal trainers. In my spare time, I am all about outdoors activities, and cooking. I have the most reliable running partner in my Hungarian Vizsla, Dash.

How did the idea for Happy Way come about?

Via the protein supplement sales within the gyms and the hype around them at trade shows we quickly realised this space was hot! However, within this space there was a lack of ‘natural/clean’ products available. Also, understanding that superfoods had gained popularity over the recent years we thought combining the two would be a perfect match! We also noticed that many products available were geared towards the bodybuilding scene and there was a gap for a more female friendly product that support overall lifestyle usage.

What is the difference between Happy Way and other products protein products on the market?

The biggest difference is in the whey powder we use. It is sourced from New Zealand pasture-fed cows, and not grain fed cows which is the common source found in most commercial protein powder products. Without going into too much detail pasture-fed whey is superior because it is denser in nutrients and easier to digest.

Our product also has several superfoods (chia seeds, maca, coconut) blended in with the protein powder, further increasing its nutritional profile.

We encourage our product to be viewed as a ‘lifestyle’ product and not as a common protein shake drink. Meaning it has many uses other than just a drink but rather for use in cooking and smoothies.

We’ve seen that you’ve been touring with ultimate fit babe Ashy Bines and your ambassadors are the who’s who of fitspo lists, what has the response been like having all these healthy and inspirational girls believe in Happy Way?

It has been great! Getting the opportunity to share our products and passion to a lot of people in a short amount of time and the response [to Happy Way] has been phenomenal. It is almost as if they needed someone to go out and make a genuine ‘natural and clean’ product so they could be proud of using and promoting to their followers.

What’s next for Happy Way?

Extending our vegan protein powder range. We see massive potential in the vegan protein powder space. Without giving to much away we will be introducing some new and exciting flavours. We will also be introducing a delicious range of plant based protein bars! Keep an eye out on our social media pages for all updates. | @happywayau

Hien and Ben with Ashy Bines and co.




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