Introducing: Form Studios

A little extra curve, freckles, stretch marks and body hair: these features are often painted as ‘imperfections’ on the female form. Women tend to cover them with makeup or layered clothing, but they’re all just another part of being a woman.

While labelled ‘imperfections,’ these features are far from negative, and jewellery label Form Studios want to be champions of owning and embracing them. Creative Director, Rosaline Lennon, founded the label after a tiresome search for the perfect accessory seemed to be going nowhere fast.

“I was searching for simple yet design-focused silver jewellery that had little-to-no impact on the environment,” said Rosalie. “What I found, or didn’t find, sparked a desire to learn how to create a piece for myself, using the most ethical and sustainable materials I could find.”

Outside of creating her minimalist jewellery label, Rosalie is a typical Melbournian. “When I’m not in the studio, you’ll find me riding my bike through Melbourne, drinking coffee and discussing collaborations with my incredibly talented friends or dreaming about overseas adventures.”

Thus, Form Studios was created in 2017 with a key focus on being both a celebration of the female form and having an environmentally-conscious ethos to suit Rosalie’s conscience as a designer. Read all about the label here and find out a little more about this fascinating concept.

When did the idea for Form Studios manifest?

The idea behind Form Studios came in 2017 when I was searching for simple yet design-focused, silver jewellery that had little-to-no impact on the environment. I fell in love with the process and found myself creating every day!

What lead you to the idea of crafting jewellery inspired by so-called imperfections in the female form?

For me, there is nothing more important than empowering women. So-called ‘imperfections’ such as curves, freckles, stretch marks, hair, they are all so unique and beautiful- why should they be hidden or erased? I, like many women, have a history of hiding my freckles, bulges, stretch marks and scars. One day I stopped to think, “I’ve never shamed a woman because of these characteristics, why am I shaming myself in this way?” The jewellery I design and create is all inspired by form, and most of it, the female form. The O studs, for example are textured in a way to represent the beautiful dimples that make up cellulite.

How important was it to you in reclaiming elements of what most women are taught to be ashamed of and making that into a statement? 

Jewellery has traditionally been a form of pride and expression whereas we are taught that ‘imperfections’ or ‘flaws’ of the female form are something to be ashamed of and hidden. In taking inspiration from these so-called ‘imperfections’ I intend to inspire women to think about their bodies in a different, more positive way. Form Studios is about celebrating those ‘imperfections!’

You’re also an eco-friendly business which is becoming more prevalent these days with designers and artists. Was this a no-brainer for your business from the start and, if so, why?

Having a background in environmental sciences, I’ve always been conscious of the impacts my choices have on the world. The Form Studios ethos is Creation Over Consumption, meaning we do not need to sacrifice sustainability and the environment for style and adornment. Every part of the process is considered from an ethical and sustainable stance.

Where can we purchase some of your darling creations from?

At the moment only from but keep an eye out for upcoming stocklists in Melbourne and LA.

Finally, what makes you proud to be a woman?

When I see women unashamedly embracing their strength, softness and vulnerabilities. | @form.studios




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