Introducing: ES Ceramics

If you’ve laid eyes on a ceramic coffee cup lately, it’s likely the handiwork of local Adelaide potters, Shane Connery and Sophia Goldschmidt of Es Ceramics. The pair have taken the reusable cup world by storm with their ultra-cute glazed cups and they’re just getting started.

“We both fell in love with pottery pretty instantly and from the start have known this is what we want to do,” explains Shane.

Shane and Sophia spent the first six months of their career in various clubs, using shared studio spaces and learning from the pottery gurus of the 70s and 80s. “They basically taught us everything we know and I can see the influence they had on us when I examine our own habits; making glazes from old recipe books, recycling every scrap of unused clay [and] packing the kilns as tightly as possible,” he says.

As poetic in theory as they are in practice, the small business gets its name from Shane and Sophia’s own fairy tale story. “Sophia and I first met in Spain and, like our pottery, it was love at first sight, [so] we wanted to reference that somehow”.

“The name was originally ‘Es Cermica’, which simply translates to ‘it is ceramic’ but ended as ‘Es Ceramics’… it’s a simple way to identify our pieces and easy to scratch onto the bottom of cups,” Shane explains.

As for the cups themselves, it’s been a whirlwind for the pair who originally started making the ceramic alternatives to disposable coffee cups upon the request of café owners, friends and family members.

“We took our reusable coffee cups into a few of our favourite cafes to see how they would be received and they were sold out by the end of the day, since then we have been run off our feet with orders,” says Shane.

With success comes the need to expand, a lesson Es Ceramics has learned quickly. As such, the pair is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to create a more effective studio space and expand. “The aim is to get every coffee drinker off the disposable cup,” says Shane.

A new studio space will allow the pair to spend more time at the wheel and ditch the daily travel that sees their work separated between three locations around Adelaide. “More time creating and less time driving,” Shane laughs.

“We’re really keen to take on bigger projects and create larger pieces, it’s not possible at the moment but the studio will allow us to fulfil our most ambitious ideas,” he says. “The extended goal is to create a space that we can eventually share with other artists and create a community vibe liking to the gritty, warehouse art spaces of London and Europe”.

Es Ceramic’s Kickstarter Campaign runs until September 25, click here to donate.





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