Introducing: DEUX Earrings

You may have already seen DEUX‘s earrings popping up in your Instagram feed, so we hunted down the desginers to find out all about Adelaide’s newest jewellery designers on the block.

Meet: TaliaAlanis Turtur – the two sisters behind DEUX who are 17 and 21 years old and now both have a business under their belts. You may even know Talia from her other existing business, TATI Terrariums.

The first thing we found out was how to pronounce DEUX – although spelled as the French way for ‘two’, they prefer to pronounce it as ‘dew’.

Get to know DEUX here while we’re over here already wearing our statement Frida Kahlo earrings.

Where did the inspiration come from to start up DEUX?
I had noticed the emerging statement earring trend and was hunting to buy a few pairs for myself. I loved the idea of getting a glittery acrylic pair and found a few Australian makers on Instagram. Having my own business and being involved in the market scene has really given me an appreciation for handmade items. I love when people ask me where I’ve purchased something that I can tell them it’s not something that is mass produced overseas or sold in chain stores. It’s also such a great feeling supporting someones passion and knowing the money isn’t going to an already giant corporation, but straight into our local economy.
I kept hunting and found so many cool designers interstate but no one in Adelaide. So considering I already owned a business and was familiar with what would be required, I decided why not start up another one. I wanted to bring amazing Australian-sourced handmade earrings to Adelaide. It would be an online approach, and eventually we will pop up at markets around Adelaide in conjunction with my other business. I asked if my younger sister wanted to join me, she already helped me a lot with Tati Terrariums so I figured why not officially make this be partly hers as well. I really wanted her to experience the fulfillment you get from starting something and watching it grow. Also there’s so many invaluable lessons you learn from owning your own business that I wanted to teach her.

What’s your designing process for the earrings?
Initially the plan was just to source amazing designers from interstate and sell their products. Some designers we found we asked them to custom create their designs in specific new colour combinations for us. Mostly we wanted things in blacks, whites, golds, silvers etc. Classic colours that can be worn with everything. The whole idea with our earrings are yes they are fun and out there, but they are also versatile and designer. Then with a bit more research we actually starting making the majority of our own earrings. We used to play around with jewellery making when we were a lot younger, so it really was quite a fun creative escape and new aspect we welcomed into our lives.

Where can we find DEUX earrings for purchase?
We have added a ‘SHOP’ section to our Facebook page. It is exactly like an online website store essentially, and we post the earrings out to you. We are also looking at being part of a few markets starting in July such as the Labels Style Market and then Gathered Market at the end of August.

How would you describe the ‘DEUX’ girl?
The DEUX girl is a girl who loves being ahead of the trend. They like making a statement and aren’t afraid to rock something different. They appreciate if something is handmade, and don’t want to wear the same pair of earrings that three of their friends own.

We know you’ve just started, but do you have anything else in the pipeline for the brand?
We are currently getting ready to supply the earrings for The Black Dress fashion show on July 22. This is a completely amazing experience as our earrings will be making their way down the runway with 50 amazing Australian designers such as C/MEO, Staple the Label etc. Being asked to be part of this after only being around for less than two weeks was mind blowing and really affirmed that we had something good going.




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