Introducing: Dérma Department

Adelaide’s newest fashion label Dérma Department is the creation of 22-year-old Catherine Maglaris. With a focus on slow fashion and delivering high quality luxury pieces for the edgy, fashion forward woman, Dérma Department has filled a very obvious gap in Adelaide’s fashion market.

Catherine has always had a love of fashion. “From a very young age I’ve always had an affinity and fascination for both fashion and business,” says Catherine. “At the age of 13 I started my first business revamping vintage clothing and jewellery, which was sold online as well as at market stalls.”

She went on to study Fashion Design and Technology at TAFE SA as well as completing studies at the College of Fashion at the University of The Arts London. Before launching Dérma Department, she was at Alexis George’s diffusion brand Lexi Clothing, working closely with designer Pat Georgiou. “…the experience and knowledge I gained from her was far more valuable in comparison to any studies I ever completed previously,” Catherine says. “From the moment we met, we saw eye to eye on almost everything, whether it was the perfect animal print, lace placement, draping new designs or how dirty we liked our gin martinis.”

Her work has been worn by the likes of Demi Lovato, Ciara, Nicole Scherzinger and Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima. But for Catherine, venturing out on her own was always on the cards. “Starting my own label was something that was always part of my life long plan, but never did I expect to do it as soon as I did.”

The choice to launch with a leather collection comes down to Catherine’s sustainable approach to her brand, embracing the slow fashion movement. “When deciding what direction I wanted to take the brand, I reflected on recent changes in the fashion industry,” Catherine says, “We’re moving away from fast fashion and ‘wear once’ pieces – people want quality, longevity and timeless style.” And it’s because of this that Dérma Department is an exclusive label, only making a limited number of each design.

Dérma Department is designed right here in Adelaide but is sourced and manufactured overseas. “Our leather is sourced from all over the world, and our favourite sourcing trip to make is Premiere Vision, which happens twice a year in Paris,” Catherine says. “All our garments are then put together in Pakistan as they undergo specialty expertise working with leather and at the most competitive prices.”

Catherine’s first collection for Dérma Department, ‘Essential’, has a focus on high quality leather pieces with a modern design. “The ultimate Dérma girl embraces classic trends, exudes confidence and style, and understands the importance of investing in quality, timeless pieces that get better with wear,” says Catherine. Her next will be an eveningwear capsule collection, and we’re pretty excited to see what direction she takes that!

Shop the entire Essential collection here.

Dérma Department Essentials




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