Introducing: Coleman Collection

A watch is the ultimate statement piece to complete an outfit, especially in menswear. And while we all lust over the big names, it’s not always viable to be spending a small house deposit on something you wear on your arm. This is where Adelaide-based Coleman Collection comes in. What started as a solution to finding himself the perfect watch, Adelaide-based Todd Hamam has now built his own watch label with the goal of bridging the gap between a quality product and a massive price tag.

“I have always appreciated watches, and the more I looked, the harder it became to find a real luxury style watch experience for any occasion that was actually affordable,” Todd says of the initial idea for his brand.

“The idea to create my own watch brand really formed though when I realised I could scratch two itches at once; entrepreneurship and my passion for quality timepieces,” he says. And this passion shines through as he tells us that he spent 18 months testing prototypes and tweaking them before he even thought about launching it.

So we asked Todd how a Coleman Collection watch differs from other time pieces in this price range and he says that from a component perspective, they’ve gone all out. From sourcing a high quality Japanese movement, ‘Miyota’, to sapphire crystal front and back windows as well as little things like upgrading the leather quality to Italian leather rather than the lower grade  ‘Genuine Leather’ tag we see on watches – it’s all about giving you the best for less.

‘I was extremely selective in the components I chose as I wanted something that I could stand behind 100% and say this is the best quality timepiece and overall watch buying experience I could possible put together for less than $300”.

Ultimately for Todd, it’s also about creating an unboxing experience that you would get with a luxury watch as well, and he says that this is where a lot of his costs lie. “The unboxing experience is something we pride ourselves on,” he says. “Each customer gets their very own display case [and] the box itself weighs over 1kg so logistically it’s been a challenge, but it was a non-negotiable to really round out the luxury experience for our customers in a unique way”.

Coleman Collection was created with the intention of launching globally and a lot of early customers have been homegrown but they’ve also seen customers from Canada, United Kingdom and the United States, which Todd says are the four key markets they’re really focussing on at the moment.

“I’ve created this brand for those who don’t feel the need to every splash out thousands of dollars for a watch, but still appreciate a real automatic quality watch,” he says of his market.

“Since the Coleman Collection brand was created to solve a problem, I feel we would be doing our mission justice if I could see [it on] the kind of person who goes to work day in and day out to provide for themselves or their family and but has never had access to the kind of luxury feel and quality we are attempting to represent,” he continues.

After spending time backpacking through Europe, living and working in Canada then basing himself out of Melbourne, we had to ask why the move back to Adelaide to start a business. “…I decided it was time to come back to my roots and get started properly on my adventure into business,” Todd says. “It was one of the best decisions I could have made at the time, as I’ve found that the community here in Adelaide really likes to get behind our own especially if we’re trying to take on a global stage,” he continues.

“We want to keep building on the extremely pleasing feedback and reviews we have already received from our early customers,” Todd says when we ask what’s next for the brand. “…and grow the Coleman Collection brand name on a global scale through our online presence and eventually into retail”. There are also two new designs in the work to add to the original line up and even plans for a Collector’s Club for existing customers to complete that Coleman Collection experience.

“[But] for the immediate future the key is to keep all lines of communication open with our customers to really listen to what they want”.

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