Interview: Wafia

Today, in the way of women doing amazing things, we chat to singer/songwriter Wafia. She’s Australia’s darling when it comes to groovy electronic tunes but with the release of her EP ‘VIII’, comes a new sense of honesty and rawness. From writing about her experiences of seeing her mother’s Syria-based family being denied refugee visas by the Australian government last year to her latest tune – and one you can keep listening to – ‘Only Love’, there’s definitely something very unique about the way she presents her music.

We chat about being a female artist, a boost from Kylie Jenner and writing songs.

Hey Wafia! Apart from prepping for your appearance in Adelaide this week, what else are you up to at the moment?

I’m enjoying the time off I have at home for the week!

I guess it’s old news now – and she’s on Snapchat less these days – but how does it feel to live in a world where being on Kylie Jenner’s snaps are the ultimate endorsement?

Well, that came about because our mutual friend introduced Kylie to my music and so really it’s quite natural that she shared a song on snapchat that a friend showed her.

You released your second EP earlier this year and spent some time touring overseas, is it crazy to see your music reach and make a mark on such a wide audience?

Of course, it’s an honour to play shows in places that I had never physically been to before but my music had found a place there.

You’ve used your experiences to write some incredibly powerful tunes – like ‘Bodies’ – where you’ve connected on a human level with your listeners, is this something you will always want to keep doing?

If it feels right, then yes. I don’t think I can force songs like that. It happens when and if it’s meant to happen.

As a woman of colour in a male-dominated industry, how does it feel to see women speaking up about issues like harassment and the gender pay gap? Have you seen changes in the music industry since?

It’s obviously great but I haven’t seen changes yet though.

What advice do you have for young female artists who want to break into the industry?

Learn the in’s & out’s of managing yourself/putting out your own music before building a team. People can’t take advantage of you if you know what’s up.

You’re young yet have achieved so much already, where to from here?

Just writing more music. The rest will come with that.

Wafia performs at Big River Motel at Royal Croquet Club this Saturday, March 17.

Buy your tickets here.




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