Interview: The Belligerents at Beyond the Valley

Since they were picked to play Parklife music festival via Triple J’s Unearthed in 2012 the five-piece from Brisbane have finally released their debut album ‘Science Fiction’. During Beyond the Valley Festival earlier this week we had the chance to sit down and talk to Lewis and Konstantin from The Belligerents about the album and what they have planned for the New Year.

First of all, congratulations on getting your record featured on Triple J. Now, a little birdy told me one of you was going to get your manager Scott’s name tattooed on their butt?

Lewis: (Laughs) I think that was you [Konstantin].

Konstantin: I kind of like did this really dumb thing where I bet kind of against myself, and I was like if we ever get a feature record, thinking we never would, but if we do I’m going to get your named tattooed. He was like yep, alright I’ll take you up on that. Then we got feature record [on Triple J].

Have you gone and done it yet?

Konstantin: No well, he kind of implied that if I do it he’ll fire me.

Lewis: I think he felt a bit uncomfortable [Laughs].

Konstantin: But, now he’s come around to the idea again and the other day [Scott] came up to me and was like ‘hey, when are you getting that tattoo?’. I reckon I will get it, but real sneaky so when I get it, I’ll wait about 2 months after and when I’m hanging out with him I’ll be like, ‘Hey Scott, look at this.’

So, the album is called ‘Science Fiction’ what did you guys think when Brand New brought out an album in the same year with the same name?

Lewis: Oh yeah, I saw that. I actually didn’t know who they are, I still don’t really know them, but when I saw that they went to number one (on the charts) and I sent it to our manager Scott and he seemed kind of worried about it at first but, I wasn’t.

Konstantin: I’m in the same boat I didn’t really know who they were and I never really listened to their music but, my housemate is really into them. He loves Brand New and he was listening to the album and I asked him ‘Hey man, what are you listening to?’ and he was like ‘Science Fiction’ and I was like ‘what?… Fuck! God Damn it!’.

Yeah, I’m like you guys I don’t really know them but Nelya is like a huge fan of theirs.

Nelya: They are like a Punk early 2000’s band but they have broken up now.

Lewis: Yeah about 3 months after I’d heard about them they had like gone.

How’d you guys come up with the name ‘Science Fiction’?

Lewis: It came from one of the songs; actually it started as just a working title. We couldn’t think of anything else we liked more so we ended up sticking to that.

Konstantin: We were kind of like cycling through names and that one was the best one to summed it all up.

Do you usually come up with song names after you write or do you sometimes have song name actually pivots where a song starts from?

Lewis: I usually name the songs last. I’ll write the whole song and at the end of the session I will think of something. Sometimes I’ll name the song something and the name will stick even before I’ve written the song lyrics and sometimes I write the lyrics around the name of the song. But, usually it’s the other way around.

Last of all where do you guys see yourselves going in 2018?

Lewis: A new record.

Konstantin: Yeah definitely a new record, at least fully recorded and this all depends on outer workings, but hopefully we can have it released by the end of 2018.

Lewis: Or… At least early 2019.

Konstantin: We have about 20 or 30 songs to choose from so far and probably a few more that can go in the deciding zone for us to choose from. It all matters on if we want to go in the same direction as the other album or if we want to go with something different. It’s all up in the air at the moment.


Introduction and transcription By Nelya Valamanesh

Photography and interview By Georgina Amanda Solomon.

Hero image by Wade Whitington.




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