Interview: Mallrat at Beyond the Valley

Grace Shaw aka Mallrat is a Brisbane based singer/rapper who has been making her mark in the Australian music scene with her cute and witty raps and magical beats for the past few years. We had the chance to ask her some more unconventional questions we had collected from some of her music pals and collaborators.

I heard that you are blowing up on twitter and how does it feel to have a fan account dedicated to you?

I don’t know if I’m blowing up on twitter. I’m slowly increasing my audience engagement [laughs], but the fan account is the highlight of my life. Everyone deserves a fan account. It’s so great.

Is there just the one girl behind the fan account?

Yeah, she’s a girl from Sydney called Marie. She’s so cool.

Tell us about the time you met Paris Hilton.

She DJ’d in Brisbane so, obviously I couldn’t miss that. So, I went and she was supposed to play at 1am but she got on 2 hours late and she played for an extra 2 hours. It was great and I wanted to meet her so my friends and I waited out the back of the club like idiots. So uncool, but yeah we got to meet her. This was at the end of last year [2016]. She was really funny.

You’re from Brisbane. Going back to nightclubs, what is your favourite nightclub there?

In Brisbane? Definitely TBC [The TBC Club].

What is your dog Charlie’s favourite snack?

His favourite snack… My Dad got really man because I kept feeding him peanut butter with a human spoon and Dad was like that’s so unhygienic.

So we hear you’re a vegan and you love hummus. What’s your favourite thing to dip into hummus?

Carrots [Laughs]

What’s your favourite ‘Moo Free Burger’ in Everton park?

[Laughs] Oh my god, you are so about my life! I haven’t been in a couple of months because I’ve been in Melbourne but I’d probably say… the chicken one.

What about in Melbourne? What is your favourite crepe in Fitzroy [Melbourne]?

Oh, you know so much about me… My favourite one is called the Thailand special in got like soy condensed and banana. It’s so good, it’s so yummy.

I hear you make up your own words. Can you tell us one you’ve made recently?

I don’t remember some of the words I’ve made up recently but I have a lot of friends in Byron, everyone makes up words and it catches on really quickly and my friends say Krill instead of food. The justification is that we’re whales and whales eat krill so when we are hungry we say “I’m going to get some krillage”.

‘Super Cruel’ [Adelaide Duo] Apparently, you came up with their name.

Yeah, so I have a list of potential band names in my phone. That was the first one on the list and it’s the first one gone.

What inspires you to come up with these band names?

I don’t know. When friends are talking and they say a weird combo of words I’m just like, Ooh that should be a band name. So, we just started making a list of them, because we have a lot of friends who are musicians.

Lastly, Tom [Allday], Benji, Yarden and Khabbaz [Tigerilla].

Oh, those questions make so much sense now [Laughs]. I know exactly who asked what too!

Photography and interview by Georgina Solomon.

Video and interview transcript by Nelya Valamanesh.

Hero and homepage image by Wade Whitington.




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