Interview: Little Dragon at Beyond the Valley

It’s hard to place this four-piece from Sweden into a music subgenre but what we can be sure of is Little Dragon’s ability to create a banger. From 2006 they have been working away on not only their own music but collaborations with huge names such as SBTKRT, Kaytrananda and Australia’s own Flume. We caught up with half of the band Yukimi and Håkan to chat about their studio and onstage fashion inspirations.

We’ve noticed you’ve all become a bit of a family and have made a little home for yourselves in your own studio. Have you made any changes recently?

Yukimi: We’ve added a Grand piano to our studio that’s a new change.

Is it a vintage or a new one?

Håkan: Oh, it’s an old one.

One of the boys mentioned that you have painted one of the walls gold to create golden music?

Yukimi: Oh, that was Eric. We are actually changing our studio around. There’s a lot happening to it so it definitely being refreshed.

Are you guys keeping the golden wall?

Yukimi: Parts of it. [Laughs]

As a woman in the music industry do you have any advice to any other inspiring artists or females working behind the scenes as well?

Yukimi: Advice would be to try to follow your heart, try and be head strong, stay inspired and break the norms. Yeah.

Your outfits on stage are pretty out there and amazing. Where do you get your outfits from?

Håkan: H&M

Yukimi: We work with a Swedish designer called Saina Koohnavard [Instagram @Sainakoohnavarad] who is from our city, our hometown [Gothenburg]. She works in a way that really resonates with us, it translates somehow and there is a connection to the music and is futuristic. It’s feminine but not overtly sexualised. It’s just super cool.

What will you be wearing on stage today?

Yukimi: I’m actually going to wear a dress by Saina that I love so much. It sort have been a chapter with her this whole year.

We absolutely love the new track you have done with Faith Evans, if you could choose anyone to do a collaboration with dead or alive who would it be?

Yukimi: It’s a hard question, I guess we feel like we are living our dream because we have so much more discover with each other and we are still finding ourselves.

Håkan: Maybe someone new in the future that we don’t know.

Yukimi: yeah someone we haven’t discovered or know about yet.

We know you’ve toured Australia before does it feel good to be back?

Håkan: Yeah, it’s nice. Feeling a bit tired though.

Yukimi: Yes, we are in zombie mode right now, but the air feels amazing.


Interview transcript and video by Nelya Valamanesh

Photography by Georgina Amanda Solomon and Wade Whitington.




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