Interview: Heaps Good Friends

Interview with Heaps Good Friends

Heaps Good Friends are a (sort-of) local duo comprised of Nick O’Connor and Emma Fradd, with O’Connor based in Adelaide and Stead all the way over in Brisbane. Describing themselves as “peanut brittle pop with text-message lyrics”, the pair are making waves on the Australian music scene, having recently won the Triple J Unearthed Groovin The Moo competition.

After meeting ten years ago at a music theatre workshop, O’Connor and Fradd performed as Kiko before forming the current iteration of Heaps Good Friends. The duo are now preparing for their appearance at Groovin’ with plans for some more live shows down the track. Find out some more about these cuties in our short and sweet Q&A and keep your ears peeled for their poppy sounds — we predict this’ll be a big year for them!

What are some of your biggest inspirations?

Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, Sufjan Stevens, Tame Impala, HAIM, girl bands from the 30’s, anything Late Night Tales, Warpaint… Life stuff? New people, great people, new synths, love, the sun, free hot chips.

What have you been keeping busy with lately?

Trawling Gumtree for mad synths, pondering live shows and backing tracks, making great things happen at The Northern Sound System here in Adelaide, trying to get sleep.

What do you have planned for the future?

A chicken coup, more family holidays, playing sick live shows, disappearing down musical rabbit holes and partying with the rabbits, retiring at 36, marvellous food and jugs of margherita, and finding the proper words to ask HAIM if they’ll let us on their next tour.

What are the logistics of collaborating interstate?

Money for flights = frustrating lack of time/efficiency + tantalising lack of time and specialness. Truly realising the bizarre communication abysses texting creates. Not knowing what city the band is from, which turns out to be a very important issue.

How are you feeling about your upcoming Groovin’ The Moo appearance?

Absolutely crapping our pants with fun-flavoured excitement. We are so stoked and honoured and GRATEFUL to the J’s for this opportunity! Pretty sure I’m still not sleeping right and have not shut up about it at work daily.

What are your fave local acts at the moment?

Emma: Fave local Brissy act right now has gotta be Confidence Man! Their two singles dominated at my housewarming dance party this weekend.

Nick: Clue to Kalo.

You can keep up to date with Heaps Good Friends over at their Facebook page and check out their tunes at Triple J Unearthed.

Interview with Heaps Good Friends
Interview with Heaps Good Friends




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