INTERVIEW: Electric Fields

Interview Electric Fields WOMADelaide

This weekend, artists from around the world are landing in Adelaide for one of our state’s many March festivals – WOMADelaide. In the lead up to their Sunday night performance in Botanic Park, we sat down with Zaachariaha Fielding and Michael Ross who hail from Adelaide to chat all things Electric Fields.

The pair met over six years ago but formed Electric Fields – the perfect combination of modern electric-soul music and indigenous culture – just over 18 months ago and since have released their first EP INMA last July and travelled around the world to perform.

Producer Michael says the forming of Electric Fields feels new and old at the same time.“It simultaneously feels like much longer and not long at all.”

They agree that the six months following the EP release was “like speeding down the autobahn”.

“A week after we were in China for Royal Croquet Club, two weeks after we were in Scotland and then we got back to play Royal Croquet Club’s summer tour,” Michael says.

The vocals behind Electric Fields, Zaachariaha adds that another highlight of 2016 was Nurlanthi, Adelaide Fashion Festival and performing to 30,000 people in Elder Park on New Year’s Eve.

Michael tacks on and says it was great to hear their song Shade Away on television for the Adelaide Fashion Festival commercial.

They also started this year off with a bang recording some new tracks and collaborations in a recording studio in Sydney. “We were in the studio with a double Grammy nominated producer – this is the guy who produced Flume’s album with him,” Michael says.

They’re playing their cards close to their chests, but they can say there’s a few collabs happing with quite prolific artists and these tracks will likely be released before any of their new music.

They did give the people in Elder Park on NYE a sneak preview of one of their new songs and explain that there’s “very, very left field things coming through – very feminine and queer.”

“The feedback we’re getting for the particular track, is that everyone is loving it so far – it was awesome to tease them and not have it released yet,” Zaachariaha says.

They’re all about being sassy, feminine males and absolutely owning it! And in 2017 they’ll be owning it around the world, as they say there’s plans for a lot more national and international touring this year.

“I’d like to perform again at Edinburgh, or Munich, New York, Los Angeles – mainly where all the hot places are,” Zaachariaha says.

“We do have a manager, but we’re managed by the universe so wherever it wants to take us that’s where we’re going – we like surprises and we don’t plan things.”

The guys really wanted to capture the attention of the WOMAD programmers, and they managed to peak their interest enough to get one of them to come along to a gig in Adelaide. Unfortunately it was the same night as the state-wide black out and the show was cancelled.

Luckily one of the WOMAD mangers had already spotted them while they were performing in Edinburgh; which evidently landed them a spot on the WOMADelaide line-up.

Michael expresses how he feels WOMAD is “one of the best festivals in the world”.

“I’m looking forward to wandering around and being surprised, because everything there is going to be amazing,” Michael says. Zaachariaha adds that, “WOMAD never disappoints.”

If you’re ready to be wowed (and brought to tears like us at the launch of Adelaide Fashion Festival 2016) by the voice of Zaachariaha and dance to Michael’s beats until your heart is content – head along to WOMADelaide on Sunday and meet Electric Fields on the Novatech Stage at 8.45pm.

Tickets for this weekend’s festival are still available online at


Interview Electric Fields WOMADelaide
Interview Electric Fields WOMADelaide




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