How-To: Day Of The Dead Make-Up Look

Celebrations are in full swing in Mexico ahead of this weekend’s Day Of The Dead with a parade to honour ‘La Catrina’ an iconic Mexican skeletal figure.

If you’re heading to a Day Of The Dead party this weekend, we’ve teamed up with Media Makeup who have showed us how to create the perfect violet skeletal figure with a step-by-step guide using Make Up For Ever products.

1. Using a makeup sponge apply a white foundation or water activated face paint to cover the whole face including into the hairline, ears and down the neck.

2. Using Make Up For Ever Black Kohl Pencil Sketch out the natural bone structure around the eyes.

3. Using Make Up For Ever Aqua Black, Aqua Creams Violet#19 and Light Violet#18, create a halo (circular) shape around the eye: Aqua Black in the crease and eye liner, Violet#19 on the eyelid and all the way to the outer circle. Apply Light Violet#18 over the inner eye and outer circle.

4. Mix Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix with Pink Glitter #108 and apply to eye lid.

Apply Make Up For Ever Aqua Lash Extravagant Mascara top and bottom.

Apply a full set of false lashes for extra drama.

Using a round brush and pre-moistened waterbased face paint in Violet, make the scallop shapes around the large circle.

5. For Flowers: With a TAG Split Cake face paint (with black, violet and Lilac in a row each, side by side) and a slat or angle brush create a rose bud by painting a ‘U’ shape and then an upside down ‘U’ shape. Paint on petals by pressing the brush in ‘C’ shapes around the central bud. Once the outer petals and bud have dried, paint in some internal smaller ‘C’ shaped petals to colour any white background.

Add a black outline to each scallop, I use Black TAG face paint and a fine point brush.  Use the same product to create a sipder web effect radiating from the central flower on the forehead.

Contour the cheek bones, across the forehead and under the jaw and chin using a soft brush and Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow M928 Violet Matte.

Add more black lines to enhance the cheekbone.

6. For the Teeth: Extend a black line from the cheekbone and across the gap of the lips. Starting in the center of the lips, draw a line upwards, starting thicker and ending the line with a light weight, wispy effect just above the natural lip. Start with the top lip and ensure you have an even number of teeth on each side. Bottom teeth are the same but a bit smaller.

7. Paint a smaller rose on the chin, this time with just a central bud and smaller petals around.

Add a small tear under the eye with black face paint.

Add a tear drop shape under the central forehead rose. Add white dots with white face paint and a fine point brush around the central tear drop and around the black ring framing the eye.

Add reflective gems around the scallops of the eyes and apply them using Duo glue and tweezers.

8. Highlight the tops of the cheekbones and inner eye corners with Make Up For Ever Star Powder#902.

9. Using Black Face Paint and a pointed brush, started to shade in the nostrils and tip of the nose to give a hollow look. Make it a little asymmetrical, it makes it look more organic and interesting to the eye.

10. Set your whole look with a light layer of Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix.

11. Using the Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow M928 Matte Violet eye shadow and a soft brush, shade the indents in your neck and under the jaw.

12. Complete!

Want to learn the skills to create this looks plus many others with ease? Media Makeup offers a Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Make-up Services) where you’ll gain the skills for Media Special Effects, Body Art and Face Painting Events, Feature Film & Television Productions, Theatre, Fashion & Wedding Photography, Runway and Music Clips. Or if you’re looking for a part-time course, opt for the Certificate IV in Screen and Media (Specialist Make-up Services). Find out more information about courses here.

Model: Micaela Stark
Make-up artist: Kat from Media Makeup
Photographer: Matthew Kroker




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